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  1. If she’s willing to do 1 month (2 weeks on vacation and 2 weeks at home), why if she afraid of a 6 month registration? If she does 2 weeks at home nude, everyone is still going to see her nudity. The embarrassment will be gone by the end of the first week.

    • That’s why the short term is offered. She’ll spend that 2 weeks nude back home, realize it’s not only not bad – but great, renew for a regular term.

      • I don’t think it IS offered, she will probably be disappointed. Six months is already shorter than usually allowed. Though I did have a previous caption mentioning a six-month registration was available in Cancun. Perhaps that’s where she is.

        But I’m with PN Fan, I think if she can handle 2 weeks back home naked she can handle 22. You can tell she really wants to do it, so I bet she’ll overcome her fears and go for it anyway.

        • She’ll go into the office to ask, hoping for her imagined 1 month option. Once she’s in there, she’ll go ahead with whatever minimum is offered in order to enjoy herself now.
          A great registration office tactic for girls like her would be the option to “strip while you check out the info.” As long as you are inside the office it would be acceptable. Before going back outside you would need to complete the registration or get dressed.

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