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  1. If what you mean by modesty is that you feel embarrassed about your bare body being visible, then go ahead feel as modest as you like. PN regulations dictate what you aren’t allowed to cover, not how you aren’t allowed to feel. If you would prefer to spend your time as a permanude feeling ashamed of your nakedness, you may. But you will have to lower your arms I’m afraid.

    • That’s not really true for the most part. There might be exceptions but generally there’s no rule against permanudes covering themselves (as long as it’s not with anything that could be considered clothing, of course). But really, she’s only making it harder on herself in the long run. She’s gonna have numerous slips where she accidentally lets people see her pussy, which will end up being much more embarrassing than if she just gave up on trying to hide anything.

  2. Nope. No shielding. No need for “modesty.”

    If registered, that is all part of being registered – the ability to just be exposed without worrying about modesty.

    If under a PN punishment, that is part of the requirements – you MUST be exposed. Intentionally covering yourself like that is actually a punishable offense.

    • Well yeah. If one is Permanently Naked, then there is no room for shame. Lady parts are perfectly are a wonderful thing. Why shield them?

    • Whether or not such fig-leafing is a punishable offense depends on the jurisdiction. Some are very strict and would punish her severely, others are very lax and will totally ignore it. Most fall in between and will only punish long-term covering and will allow a period of adjustment..

      Perhaps the best way to help her is to invite her to a cocktail party, so one hand will be permanently in use holding a glass as she walks around. She will need to use her other arm to shake hands as she is introduced to others in the room. When that is over, just hand her various small items of food so both hands are busy. She will have to concentrate on what she is holding and at some point will realize that she has been exposed to the whole party for a while and nothing bad has happened.

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