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  1. The primary draw of a nude attraction is that it is not readily available. Such things as topless/nude entertainers (waitress/dancer…,) clothing option / nudist resorts/beaches, internet sites like this one, etc would lose much of their attraction if public nudity became common.

    • True. Once it gets this common and normalized we should probably start asking if it makes sense to continue allowing women in customer facing roles to disrupt the customer experience by showing up to work outlandishly ensconced in so much superfluous textile. Time to get each girl on board with the idea that her birthday suit is her new uniform and that she’ll have to wear it proudly each day she comes to work.

    • This is one of the reasons I like ‘Only One Naked’ (OON). When a young lady is the only one wearing her birthday suit it makes nudity seem more special. This can be seen even today. If someone attends an event wearing a ballgown when everyone else is in jeans and Ts it will appear more special than if everyone was dressed up. The attraction is increased if more skin is showing, e.g. someone wearing a bikini instead of a gown in that scenario would attract even more attention.

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