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  1. I’m surprised the brother is so freaked out from his cute sister being a PN. It’s not just that showing herself is normal if you’re registered, it’s that they probably saw each other growing up. What kid doesn’t make mistakes and get a few nude punishments along the way?

  2. And I’m sure Gran will have planned for them to go to church as a family, and since it is unlikely that the old folks who make up most of the congregation will have registered she will likely be the only one nude there.

    How embarrassed will she be there?

    • They might even bring her up in front and request special prayers for her wayward soul or something. So I’m gonna say pretty darn embarrassed.

      • Definitely possible. After all, the parents and teachers did have Catherine read the lesson at Gamehill Community Church while she was serving a naked punishment by the Cronenberg School. She was even more embarrassed because the passage she was tasked to read included the line:

        “I was a stranger, and ye took me in:
        Naked, and ye clothed me.”

        She felt this pointed out her nudity even more than just the view of her bare body. And later in the passage came the words:

        “I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not”

        She was even more embarrassed because she felt that the “phrase ‘naked and ye clothed me not’ seemed so very appropriate to her situation. She was so very naked, and the very authorities would not let her be clothed.”

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