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      • You know that they state that a work of art says what the viewer sees, not just what the creator intended. That means that I see the story according to my desires/fantasies; this gives me two scenarios I oscillate between. In both scenarios I assume that the restriction begins before the morning egg hunt but does not end until the end of the day; after all the “ancients roots” did not have the egg hunt, so restricting the nudity to it doesn’t really make sense.

        1) My CMNF option: I assume that the parents of all her girl friends agreed this was a good idea and all of the girls are under the same restriction. However, those parents don’t want the idea of a ‘fertility festival’ to be taken too far and are worried that teenage boys might do just that, so the boys must remain clothed.

        2) My OON option: Most of the people in the town are members of one of the Abrahamic religions and subscribe to the body modesty in their teachings, while her parents are the only Pagans and follow the less prohibitive strictures of the old ways. So she ends up playing totally nude with all her fully clothed friends, the only one naked. This can be a little embarrassing at times, but the thrill of being the center of attention more than makes up for it.

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