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  1. Someone has raised doubts about the age of this girl. Personally I have doubts about those doubts in this case, but regrettably I can’t find anything to refute them online (e.g. it does not appear to come from a mainstream site), and because it’s a nudism type picture, the risk is there, so I’m going to have to take it down.

    • Probably a good idea. I enjoy this site cause I like to see naked women and I enjoy the setting. Underage persons do go naked here, but it’s best that it’s implied. In a body positivity world, age is not really important, but in real life, naturist style nudity of underage individuals should be protected.
      Good call on taking it down. Although if the age of the person can be verified as legal, it should, at the very least, be acknowledged.

  2. It’s weird that people can be so anti-nudity. Being allowed to go naked, especially in front of some people you’re attracted to will be something you remember and treasure forever. And you’d be denied that experience because of some weird prudishness.

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