5 thoughts on “Which Pic”

  1. There’s a story out there where a girl wears only a tiny strip of fabric between her lips and a little braid around her nipples. And it’s legal. Quite a good read

    1. It’s about the latest reduction in the Drum Majorette’s uniform. It’s been getting smaller and smaller, and this year, well, folks are complaining they can’t see the uniform. Quite funny.

  2. The pic on the right is a good start.
    Next, go for the full shave (or better, wax/laser…) Then do a full length picture wearing only the tiniest top, perhaps even going down to only pasties. Definitely go with the full spread pose.

    1. Well hopefully by the end of her term she’s comfortable enough to wear only pasties, and then afterwards she’ll need to register to get that feeling back!

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