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  1. If she doesn’t want to be stripped in public, she needs to quit going shopping with her mother, get her own place or at least move into the dorm, and/or just quit doing whatever it is she is getting punished for.

    On the other hand, forget about all that and keep getting stripped for us. Better yet, just go register PN, get rid of all your clothing and forget such thing as clothes exist.

  2. I’d assume that if she’s a student, in school, they should have clothes hangers and hooks to hang the clothes on. If folks do this at home, well, you just toss them in the dirty clothes hamper like any other time. I would assume that if Mom or Dad strips you at the mall or the neighbor’s BBQ, they’re the ones that paid for the duds, so they’ll be the ones to take care of it.
    In a couple of my stories, kids get stripped for shoplifting. They have to leave the clothes where they fall. Later, when kids want to get a Permanude punishment, they make sure to wear old clothes to do their shoplifting. It all depends.

  3. This always leaves me with questions.
    Do the clothes get left there?
    Does the insolent punishee have to carry them?
    Are they remitted to the parent?

    Ideally, I could see them being left behind, but clothes cost money, so there’s that to think of. Carrying the clothes, but not being able to wear them, would certainly be quite embarrassing. In fact, I would argue, that having to carry them, would be more embarrassing than having to take them off in public.

    • That’s a good question. Leaving them behind doesn’t seem practical if this happens more than very rarely. It would be up to her parent(s) whether she has to carry them or they do. As you say, making her carry them does seem like it would be a little bit extra embarrassing, since people what be able to tell what just happened. On the other hand, they might be concerned that she would use them to cover herself “accidentally”, so that could be a point in factor of her father or mother taking custody of them, so to speak.

      • I couldn’t help but notice, that she’s wearing nothing under her main clothing there. If it were me, I’d wonder as to why.
        It almost suggests that she gets stripped often. Or it would suggest that she has a reason for wanting to be stripped. A party, a bet, a dare. You name it.
        In either case, the transition to fully nude just seems too easily facilitated.

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