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  1. Way late, I know.
    Good job on having a Click Here spot to warn the unwary viewer. Though the one calling it disgusting is *just* in the wrong place.
    The cartoon lady does nothing for me but the variety is why we’re all here.
    It has been my practice to not save any images of women who were both flat and without pubes. The apparent youth is less a thrill to me but I want nothing in my place that could be thought of as cp. That could be a guideline for you as well, at least for adding the warning layer.

    An important part not mentioned is that the presence of “almost” child images can surely lead one to search for more and more child like images. While our perversions are [extremely x 2] mild next to others that I must slip past, it might be best to put gentle boundaries up before we get to real trouble ones.

    I’m also with the group to wonder how a large headed nymph could have been college age, never mind in college for so long.

  2. I think you will be ok. As mentioned above anime designs tend to make characters look younger than they are. I think you would be ok so long as you don’t post things like loli’s (little girls).

  3. It is a drawing, the breast size is small to the eye of the viewer. Which makes it in the grey zone. However it is a drawing not a real person. A photo of a real person, nude, underage and posed with the look of being posed to expose the sexual organs to the lens or committing a sexual act reserved for adults is the firm line of CP. Real Photos of underaged persons doing non sexual things like skinny dipping in the backyard pool or bathtub photos of growing up, while parts are showing but not primarily the focus point, more innocent like is okay in my book. The Supreme Court ruled “I know it when I see it” regarding child porn is very broad and in the viewer’s opinion. Just like a passing gas with sound among friends in the back yard is one thing, passing gas loudly in a church during the service is another and may not be acceptable.
    While not a lawyer drawings are okay, real photos exposing the parts may not fly for underaged persons may not fly

    • Just to be clear, there’s no debate about nude pictures of real minors, at least as far as this blog is concerned. I don’t want to host that. I have removed a few pictures for that reason in the past, including one that I consider and oversight on my part to have posted in the first place, and couple where I just couldn’t be sure.

      But what you say is correct as far as I know. Those pictures were also completely innocent and I don’t think they could reasonably construed as illegal. But don’t believe it’s right to mix that with the more overtly erotic content (spreadies and stuff) that exist in other pictures. So that policy definitely isn’t changing.

      But there’s a much bigger gray area when it comes to drawings, since they don’t even have a real age to use as a bright line. So if you haven’t already, make sure you vote in this poll, and please share any other thoughts you have specific to drawn images on the comments over there as well.

    • I definitely agree she looks too young for the caption. Does anyone else think this is a problem/agree it should be removed?

      Thus far I haven’t really gotten enough drawn submissions to have a policy on this, but I have been getting more lately, so it might be a good time to have that discussion.

      • I’ll admit that she looks a bit too young, but it’s also an artist’s rendition. She can look whatever age the artist was going for.
        That being said, there are girls out they’re who are 21, 22 and even a little older, who look younger than they are. It’s the exception, not the rule, but it does happen and since it does happen, it makes the caption believable.
        If she had larger breasts in the image, would she still look too young?

      • @NWO

        Well, I do not seem to be the only one who sees a problem in such pictures. Incidentally, the prosecution in many countries also sees a problem in it. Why am I so sensitive to this topic? For one thing it is disgusting and for another it is dangerous! Counter-question: Who is crazy enough to upload Captions to a site that also has content that makes it illegal for a lot of international users to call it by accident? The Internet is not limited to the scope of US law. Who calls your page is treated according to the laws of their own country! The world is NOT a village!

        Compromise: Would it be possible to not display such images on your main page, but to provide the article entry with a warning. So that one gets these pictures displayed only if one calls the appropriate article?

        In that case, I might decide to submit Captions to you again.

        • Thank you for this more thoughtful response. (For transparency, I declined to publish a previous one which was, let’s say, not very constructive.) What you suggest might be a good solution. I’m just a little reluctant to start making “rules” until I’m sure they’re necessary, because rules tend to proliferate and take the fun out of things.

          Regarding the legal issue, I don’t think this would actually be illegal in vary many places since it doesn’t show any sexual activity. And as you’ve probably gathered I don’t personally find it offensive either, to me it’s “just a drawing”, pure fiction, and what it depicts—a girl who (despite the caption) does look very young—happily prancing around naked doesn’t evoke disgust on any level. I’m not sure why would or should.

          But that’s not to say I think it necessarily needs to be here either, and I’m sympathetic to the fact some people do find it distasteful. What I need to figure out is whether that’s the opinion of a vocal minority, or whether in fact a significant number of readers would prefer to avoid seeing anything like this. If enough people feel that way, then removing or hiding this and any similar images would seem justified.

          I was hoping for a few more responses here. Perhaps I need to do a separate post about the issue.

      • I knew a 30 year old mother of two who, from the neck down, could have modeled for this drawing. The face is cartoonish, so is meaningless. I see nothing here that says underage. If that is what is on the viewer’s mind, they might imagine it that way.

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