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  1. only in person at court? that feels discriminatory towards those who can’t make it to a court house either because of a disability or lack of transportation.

    which means someone new to pass a bill for mail-in or online registration!

    • It’s to avoid fraudulent registration in another person’s name, I suppose there would be accommodations made for the disabled and such, but I’ve never really thought about how that might work. Any ideas?

      • Hi, I very much included on line registration in my universe. In one case a drunk dad chose to go along with his drinking buddies and “punish” his daughter by registering her.

        In another case, Ivy is about to walk down the aisle when the registration shows up. If the wedding march is to happen, it will have to be done nude. I established clear protection by having a electronic signature which, for her, was long and complicated. Still, at 1:30 in the morning of her Bachalorette party, she somehow got signed up.

        For creating tension and wrong turns, as well as humor, internet sign up is just too much fun for a story teller to pass up.

        • Yeah, I can see that. Lots of great story opportunities. But I also enjoy the “world building” aspect, so I like to make the laws as reasonable and realistic as the initial premise allows.

        • Does your universe allow bottomless registration or is it limited to punishment like here on the NWO blog?

          (Also I don’t see any contact link on your book website. Is there any way to get in contact with you directly?)

          • Hi, sorry I didn’t notice this before.

            No, my universe doesn’t have boottomless registration. You can sign up for nude. I haven’t had a charactor who wanted to just be topless or bottomless yet. When the great state of Texas only adopted nude punishments, they went whole hog, then the rangers only applied it to pretty girls. Those dirty old me.

            You can get to my website by clicking on the Gloria above. It takes you to not only a list of my stories but also a free story set among kids on the first day of school that teachers can hand out stip punishments. It follows them from messing around at twelve to eighteen when they finally do the full deed.


      • I was thinking that almost every town has a notary public, who often acts as an agent of the courts. I would think that a notary could go to the person’s home with the appropriate forms, and maybe a camera and printer , have the registrant fill out and sign the form, and witness it, thus taking the court to the person, so to speak.

        The biggest problem would seem to be the appropriate picture. However, many if not most stories seem to assume a federal, if not international, electronic database and also many allow the officer to assign a penalty immediately. It never occurred to me before, but if the person accepts the sentence it would need to be entered into the database immediately.

        Another common suggestion is that the police are equipped with ‘cameras’ that connect with the database in order to check whether the person they have stopped is registered on not. Obviously, the photo taken for comparison would need to be saved as evidence if the penalty is refused, as proof of the infraction. From there is is only a small step to allowing the camera to access software that adds the person to the database, using either a short video of the person stating they accept the punishment or having a small pad attached that records their signature as proof they do not wish to fight the sentence.

        If this is the case, a notary public could be given one of these and use it to register a person, filling out and notarizing a special form to adjust the length of the registration and change it from judicial to voluntary, as these would likely be permanently set in the ‘camera’ to prevent longer penalties than the basic one being applied either accidentally or maliciously.

        Interesting how possibilities unfold once one starts to think about one minor item.

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