4 Replies to “Another Scam?”

  1. Desk clerk- you came here to protest A Naked registration Naked mam?
    is that correct ?
    naked Girl -yes
    desk clerk – in that case go into the courtroom where the judge your punishment of years you will remain naked
    naked girl (enters courtroom full of people) your honor I was told to enter here to receive my punishment for coming in nude & not Registered
    judge – your punishment is nude for 30 years 20 if you agree to spanking of 10 for first five years
    if you agree to spanking lay over the defense desk court dismissed
    naked girl lays herself over desk
    judge -sentence is 20 years nude ,officer fetch my paddle & goes back to 30 if you don’t return here for your next year spanking or don’t come for a Spanking in the five year
    are you ready for first punishment yes or no
    naked girl yes spank me
    judge smack smack Smack smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack
    officer take this nude girl home to lock up her clothes & if she tries to dress
    sentence will be 40 year working naked in prison yard

  2. If she’s not registered… yet, she soon will be. Walking into city hall naked, without being registered, is a good way to get involuntarily registered.

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