13 Replies to “Your Friends are Pigs”

  1. This exactly what I expect to happen. When a person goes PN this should be the first thing to consider before registering. These are the things I fantisise about when I see naked or bottomless girls.
    Being PN is inherently Dangorous.

    Why would anyone register on purpose? Then there is the other group to consider.

    The nice but Horny people who remain sexually frustrated. There eventually going to have a Horny breakdown.

    • Nice people don’t sexually assault others. No matter how horny they are. Not only is nudity not inherently sexual but masturbation is a freely available way to fix your “frustration”. People like you are why nudoty isn’t more accepted.

    • Not only are they not friends, they only technically qualify as people. There’s NEVER a reason to commit sexual assault. Why would ANYONE want to harm another human being like that? And what kind of loser needs to act like that?

    • My exact thoughts were like “Whoa, that’s not right.” Perhaps, just a suggestion for this post and NOT a generalization or “victim blame”, she allowed it to happen but played it off as “your friends are pervs” so as not to upset her BF? Just a thought.

      • Something like that did cross my mind as a possibility, she and her (presumably) boyfriend don’t seem to have a great relationship, so there could be more going on.

        But the most obvious reading is that she was assaulted, so I wanted to make it clear that’s not an accepted part of the “Nude World Order” universe or anything.

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