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  1. I sure had fun playing with that. Three hours before Ivy is getting married, the PN certification shows up. What follows is a PN wedding and honeymoon. Only in the last book does she discover who signed her up while at her bachelorette party at 1 in the morning. Lost of fun in Ivy’s Naked Wedding.

  2. NWO Note: In my main setting it’s not that easy to trick someone into registering (you have to go to court, city hall, or whatever, in person) thus this is an #alt caption.

    • As a possible explanation involving today’s problems, perhaps the state set up a system where a notary public could come to the house, verify the person involved was the signer, etc., and then registered them via secure web. After the restrictions on groups meeting were lifted, they forgot to cancel this alternate system, so her ‘friend’ had a notary attend, check her ID, watch her sign, and when asked if she was sure, she followed her friend’s advice and said she was.

      I could see someone playing a similar trick in the current system: give someone just enough alcohol to make her suggestible, take her to the PN counter at City Hall with a group who keep her happy and distracted, get her to sign the form, and coach her answers. Would not work with everyone, but with a naive young lady there is a good chance it could.

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