Public Speaking

I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for this class. Public Speaking, it just sounded kind of fun and I knew it was something I needed improvement on. Plus the teacher was supposed to be good. So hey, why not?

The class started out normal enough, usual introductory stuff the first session. He explained the format of the class, usually about half us would get a chance to speak each time, except we’d do longer presentations during the last few meetings. Like I said, it all sounded pretty normal. But I started hearing rumors that this teacher, though very good, was eccentric and some people couldn’t stand his classes… So I was really starting to wonder when we’d see any sign of his “unusual methods”.

Well, that started about half through the semester. See, apparently his big thing is making people overcome their weaknesses, and he’s real good at picking up on them too. Like there was this one girl who’d get embarrassed if she mispronounced anything. Just as she was about to do her speech he told her put a little rubber ball in the mouth. Or the guy who always dressed real nice, the teacher figured it was a crutch and made him take off his shoes and jacket and untuck his shirt. You get the idea. People who get flustered easily, he’d do things like take away their notes, really make them think on their feet. And so on.

Well me, he finally decided I’m just too shy. (And he’s right.) So before my speech, he took me aside and said “wear this, no bra”. When I looked at the little scrap of cloth he handed me at first I thought it was just skimpy. That’s about what I would have expected from what I’d seen so far. But it quickly became apparent that there was only one way to wear it: with my breasts fully exposed. It did cross my mind to quit on the spot, but I’d seen how this guy worked and saw it was helping the other students so I decided him a chance. It was extreme, but maybe he was right and this was just what I needed.

It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure, but I steeled myself and did it. I’m sure I was terrible, but I got through it and that’s what counts, right? Well kind of. Once I was finished, but before I could get dressed, he complemented me on my bravery, but he said I let it distract me too much and that I clearly wasn’t over my shyness yet. No kidding! So he told me to come to class like that every time we meet, for the rest of the course. Though he did say I can pick my own outfit… as long as my boobs are out. Gee thanks. I sure hope it gets easier.

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  1. Huh, that looks like the poor girl who had to hand in her panties for not being school colours. No panties and now no bra, I think fate is telling her to register…

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