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So I’ve had a couple posts with multiple images sitting in my inbox for way too long, I’m not entirely satisfied with how WordPress handles them. That photoset feature on tumblr was pretty slick. This… isn’t. But it’ll do I guess. If you have any thoughts on how this works, better ways to do it, etc.

P.S. Someone just sent me a test message. Not sure what you were testing, but it worked I guess. Hello. And Bye.

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  1. I decided to change the format on the multi-image post there. I just went ahead and made all the images normal size. I think what I’ll do is save the thumbnail format for posts with alot of images, or images of varying sizes (which would tend to look a bit messy if shown full) and post regular size images when possible. I’ll keep the box around it though, just to emphasize that the pictures are a set.

    • I think it looks better this way. It felt a little clumsy the other way. Plus the story is kept in one place, which makes it better in it’s presentation.

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