Frickin’ Finally

It looks like the brute-force login attack has finally stopped. Haven’t got any alerts since Thrusday morning. In case it starts up again, I’m gonna leave the CAPTCHA for now, maybe indefinitely unless I hear from you guys that it’s excessively annoying.

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  1. I’d just leave it. A CAPTCHA is no big deal. Have you considered getting the one that doesn’t require you to do anything? They have one that automatically detects if you are a human and then there is one that is just a checkbox. Those are quicker, so if people are getting annoyed, I’d recommend one of those.

    • That’s the Google one, I think. I’d rather not rely on an outside service. Especially not Google; they have way too much ability to track us everywhere already.

  2. Geez, the things a guy has to do just to bring a bit of porn and happiness into the world.
    I appreciate your efforts. Yours is my goto site for a moment of fantasy in my day, and the reassuring feeling that at least some of the pervs out there have the same good taste that I do.


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