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  1. I know this girl fairly well, that’s Kaley Kade. She’s an adult model, camgirl, sex worker…things like that. She’s a total sweetheart, so probably wouldn’t mind you using her pic. Also, if permanude were a real thing, she’d probably be among the first people to sign up! ;)

    • That great but it ruins the story a bit lol
      That is all and thank you for your time
      Good day scenario destroying faceless internet entity

      • I’m sorry, do you think it’s more important to assume the girl doesn’t actually exist in this world? Well she does, and those aren’t her words.

        • Idk I imagine she exist but imagine it’s a cap d’agde type scenario in which it’s a fictional city and even though I know the person truly exist she exist in the world/scenario separate from real life…

          Like in video games where the voice actor is a real person and sometimes the characters are modeled after the voice actors but the character and the actor exist in separate worlds…

          Hopefully that makes sense

          • Not that cap d’agde is fictional I know it’s very much real but it doesn’t follow these specific scenarios

            Yes I know that sounds incredibly complicated but the idea of intelligent conversation within a fandom of sorts increases complication when some view the scenarios different from others

    • Thanks for the backstory. Always nice for the model to get credit.

      And who knows! Maybe she really did have a “good girl” image growing up and is now working overtime to get rid of it.

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