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  1. This is ridiculous and overly complicated. Everyone knows PN girls just carry all their things in a purse. Just like clothed women do. When you think about it, nude women aren’t all that different from texties.

    Consequently, that’s also why men can’t function as PNs. Men and purses have never gelled, and never will. And calling it a “European carryall” doesn’t change that.

    • ;)

      Seriously though, this caption is a joke. (Her solution too, which obviously is terrible from a number of perspectives.) But it’s not implausible something like this would happen if enough people stopped wearing clothes. I’m inclined to think biometrics would be a more acceptable to most people though.

      Could be wrong, but I would suspect nudists in particular would tend to skew towards thinking and implanted microchips are “fucking creepy, man”.

      Something like a thumbprint scanner, possibly combined a PIN, seems like a good compromise. The PIN would offer a little extra security in case something else failed, and make the system feel more familiar to users. It could also serve a secondary purpose as a way to choose between Visa and Mastercard if you had biometric accounts with both.

      • You may have a point there, but there is another reason that I think RFID might tbe the way they go. All stores already have chip readers, and I think the system would basically treat the chip as a card with no mag stripe. Therefore it would ask for a PIN if required.

        I think it would be more efficient for the ATMs to be retrofitted with a chip reader outside the card slot than to refit every store with fingerprint readers and write a whole new subsystem to process it.

        The current system allows debit card users to choose between accounts when paying; it should be relatively simple to create a similar routine to allow the user to sele3ct between multiple ‘cards’ all stored on the chip.

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