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  1. …This admittedly reminds me of that one image where a girl is in a pantry and she is holding a can of whipped cream and the caption is of her considering giving herself a whipped cream bikini.

    • I know the one you mentioned, I submitted it and was reminded of it by this pic too. Also, I think it’s a violation to cover up at all so, I’d be happy to eat the whipped cream! ;)

      • I bet you would!

        But I’m not sure you’re right about the law. It’s already pretty well established that body pant is legal. This isn’t too different. I guess there might be a rule about thickness though. It obviously wouldn’t do to let her wear some kind of super thick “paint” that hides all the details of her body, some maybe whipped cream would fall afoul of that. On the other hand, if she were playing in mud, I’m sure no one would complain, so it’s hard to say.

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