All About Nudity down due to DDOS

So the webmaster of that site sent me a message, and apparently the host took it down because it attracted a denial of service attack. “Great service”, as he put it. Anyway he’s looking into getting it back online. I assume I’ll hear when that happens.

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    • Nudity! :D

      Honestly it’s a little hard to explain. But it had forums, an area for posting stories, and also some social network type functions. And the idea is for it to be kind of a central place for fans of public nudity, exhibitionism, ENF, CMNF, and all such things to find and share content. But so far, it never really took off, I was trying to do my bit to bring it some attention.

      It is/was a pretty well designed site, much more advanced than my simple blog, the only thing it lacked is a critical mass of users to get a proper community going.

      • Wait don’t you have a patreon? you could get money that way to perchase your own server.
        I hope that idea helps. Or as an alternative use Imagefap.

        • Just to make sure there’s no misunderstanding. Nude World Order is not in any trouble. All About Nudity is a separate site, and my only connection to it is that I reposted some old stories there. (Well that and the owner made me a moderator, which I never had any reason to use on account of the site not being too active.)

          I don’t have a patreon or request donations. Neither does the owner of All About Nudity as far as I know. I got the impression time not money was the limiting factor for dealing with this situation.

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