Porngeddon is Coming

RIP Tumblr.

So apparently as of Dec 17, Tumblr will no longer allow adult content. Sure makes me glad I went and set up my own site when I did. I’m hardly an expert or anything, but if anyone wants advice on setting up their own site, feel free to contact me. Maybe we could set up a loose confederation of tumblr exiles or something.

Tumblr says they will give people a chance to move their stuff (a chance I never got, but thankfully I’d made my own backups), but for anyone still there, I think it would be wise to back up your adult blog now. One tool that I’m aware of is TumblThree. That might be useful for saving content from other people’s blogs too. For your own blog, Tumblr also has a built-in export feature, which you can access by going to settings, clicking the name of your blog (even if you have only one) can scrolling to the bottom. It’s also possible to import a tumblr blog from a WordPress one, though I haven’t done this myself.

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  1. At least I know what app to delete next off my phone.
    Porn is the only reason I go there anymore.
    So I guess I’m gonna do a massive “save image” on all my likes, delete my account, delete the app, then sit back as I watch the stock for Tumblr collapse.

  2. Have you considered allowing other people to use your domain name as a subdomain? Basically, they could find a service to host their website on their own, but then piggyback off of your domain name at no cost to you (usually depends on your hosting service).

    For example, I could setup a website on like Blogger (I don’t know their policy on nudity, but for arguments sake, let’s just say that they allow it). Then I give you the information that you need to setup a subdomain for me. Then, instead of my website being it would be

    This could help people looking to branch off into their own websites from Tumblr, while also potentially benefiting you by generating traffic to your website. Your website could have a list of all these other websites that people could view.

    If I’m talking over your head, sorry. Outside of the PN world, I’m an IT professional, so I’ve done this type of thing for clients.

    • Yeah, I’m definitely open to helping out people setting up a new home any way I reasonably can. I would even consider sharing the actual hosting if I could figure out how to make it work. That would probably only be for people whose content is pretty close to mine. If there’s interest, and I could figure out how, it would be neat to make like separate blogs or sections for people to post content that’s related but not doesn’t quite fit my setting. (I’m currently using 6% of my disk space allotment, so that’s not a big concern, as long as I didn’t open it up to everybody and their dog.) But a subdomain should be petty easy if that would be helpful.

      Anyone who’s looking for help along these lines, please let me know.

  3. Why are they doing this? Do they not have a sex life? I love porn, have you checked out a site called Imagefap? On imagefap i go by Justpassingthrough1 Hope to see you and others there.

    • The prevailing theory is that Tumblr is trying to get back into Apple’s good graces. The Tumblr app was removed from the App Store last month due to child porn, and being as Tumblr is unable or unwilling to take the time out to actually moderate the site and root out the offending blogs responsible, they’ve decided to just nuke all “adult content” from orbit.

      Some also speculate that Yahoo is getting ready to sell Tumblr, and is trying to improve the value of the brand by getting rid of all the “undesirables” that scare away advertisers, though that’s just a rumor at this point.

    • Direct response to get back onto the Apple appstore. All kinds of illegal content (child porn, etc.) was on Tumblr and they were pretty slow at getting that kind of stuff removed. Allowing pornography prompted Apple to remove them from their appstore.

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