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  1. Didn’t mean it to be vivid
    I would imagine in a you can register naked state that if you achieved a erection that for lack of a better phrase sperm bank booths would be the most logical choice

    In sperm banks or for any medical reason erections are treated as a function instead of taboo in a sense so I’d imagine they would use the same technology to quickly “cure” the problem and you’d see booths like phone booths that would…

    A) cut down on sexual acts
    B) relieve the man of the erections since most men don’t stay up long after
    C) cut back embarrassing or shy situations since men worry about their size and honestly there is a difference in emotions between someone seeing you soft or erect
    D) be more sanitary I mean imagine walking a crowded street with a erection or going about daily life sometimes 6 or so inches which is average size is all the space between you and another person like on a bus or subway so erect it would be touching others atleast in like a leg or something and you never know what that person has on their skin a lotion you’re allergic too or a rash who knows
    E) also I’d imagine the sperm bank like machine would use oils and lubricants that would be designed to a kill the live specimen and be skin contact active to prevent future erections in the short term

    By skin active I mean after the action happens the oil would stay on like a lotion so as long as the lotion wasn’t washed off with soap it would prevent further erections

    That way when you’re home if you’re doing things of a physical nature all you’d have to do is wash with soap and your fine

    So yea wasn’t trying to be rude was trying to think of a actual system that would work properly

    And come to think of it this system would work outstandingly they are in development on a car that can run on biodiesel fuels like vegetables oil or types of animal fats

    Sperm is made up of proteins, fatty acids, and fructose which those would also be found in biodiesel fuels

    So instead of disposing of nasty genetic material in a rather disgusting way they could break it down and possibly repurpose it as a source of fuel

    • in the nwo universe, it is most likely the same as when a guy gets boner while visiting a nudist resort/clothing optional beach in real life…

      • Hedonism nudist rules where you can just take care of it yourself there…
        or aanr styled rules about put a towel over it and act like it isn’t there…
        I’d imagine in a nwo world there would exist phone booths in the sense of how sperm banks are now days
        If a erection occurs you put it in this machine it gets you off in a matter of a minute then pipes behind it run to septic tank of sorts holding genetic material
        That would then run into a river or possibly the ocean

        • You sure have a… vivid imagination.

          I’ve posted a relatively few boner pictures, most or maybe all, submitted. Not my favorite topic, but it’s fair question. My take is that walking around with a boner wouldn’t be illegal or anything (that would be pretty stupid since it’s almost entirely out of a man’s control), but it’s probably not socially acceptable in all circles. What with “Newd Etiquette” and all, it makes sense that some people would be of the opinion that you shouldn’t even try to hide it. Others are probably less comfortable with it and would prefer naked men keep their boners out of sight as much as possible.

    • From personal experience/observation: In places where nudity is common and relaxed, such as nude beaches and resorts, this is not really a major issue. It is not as though erections never occur in those settings, however, most men in those settings get used to the relaxed nude view to the point that it isn’t such a charge. Uncontrolled erections are typical of “first timers” – those not used to seeing a real woman exposed.

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