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  1. Alright, I’m gonna take this down permanently. For the sake of transparency, there’s no direct evidence that the girls in the picture were under 18, but apparently a reverse image search led to a video including some younger looking girls, which does raise doubts about the five in the picture. Again this was some kind of nudist event, not in a sexual context, but still, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

  2. So as it turns out, this photo is actually from a nudist event. Are you sure all these girls are over 18?
    If you’re not sure, you probably should delete this one to be safe.

    • Can you provide me with any additional info to evaluate this? (e.g. source for it being a nudist event, etc.) You can use the Contact link if there’s anything you’d prefer not to link to publicly. I’m inclined to think they look old enough, but I do want to be careful about this, so I’m taking it down for now.

      Lest anyone get too worried (especially since you can’t see the picture now) I do want to point out that this picture was not by any means pornographic and wouldn’t be illegal even if they were under 18, but that’s not something I intend to host, so I’m erring on the side of caution here.

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