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  1. I’m certain I’ve seen tons of minor celebs (and even used a few in the captions I’ve sent) but most of the time I don’t identify them as such. When I say minor celebs, I refer to people like Katya Clover: well known nude models, for example, but not nessecarily somebody mainstream like Rita Ora, Rihanna, or Trudeau. BTW…as a Canadian, I implore you, please, please don’t search for nudes of him.

    • Yeah, for the most part I’d say that kind of thing doesn’t count. But you reminded me of another one that does (the Kate Upton Nudiephin ad). Anyway, if you happen to think of any others that should be tagged, just let me know.

      • I do remember posting a couple. A Rihanna one of her in nothing but a sports jersey and a Miley Cyrus one of her being a “poser” just going naked because she is a celebrity, not a real PN Girl. Both were identified as celebs so probably should be included.

  2. So I decided to go ahead and add a celeb(rity) tag, like Steve suggested on the Rita Ora pic a little while ago. I’m sure a number of pictures are missing it, I’ve only got 4 posts tagged at the moment. So feel free to point out any you can think of that need it. (Comment here, on that picture, in the discussion section, or use the contact form, whatever).

    FYI, I’m counting any well known person appearing “as themselves” as a celebrity. So for instance Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada) counts (yes there’s a picture of him, no he’s not the one naked), but Katya Clover (a particularly lovely porn star/nude model) does not, unless she was actually acknowledged to be Katya Clover in the caption. If she’s just represented as a random naked lady, that wouldn’t be a “celeb” pic, by my definition.

    Doesn’t matter whether the picture is real or fake though.

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