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  1. Would only making it available for logged in users (where it apparently works) be feasible? It might even provide an incentive for users who like it to log in.

    • That was one of the options I was looking at, actually. But I think I found an even better solution. Basically I made it think you’re logged in any time you turn dark mode turned on. If I understand how this works correctly, that will both stop dark mode users from getting cached light pages, and (more importantly for you) stop dark pages from becoming cached where other people will see them. Let me know if you experience any further problems. I’m hoping this fixed it. ::Fingers Crossed::

  2. In the mean time, i might just be worth moving the switch to the top so if it is of when we want it on or vice versa, we can switch it instantly without having to scroll down first

    • This seems to be a popular suggestion, but it’s a little bit harder than it it sounds. There isn’t really an “at the top” section I can just stick it in, but let me see if I can come up with something.

      Update: Alright, I figured out how to stick it up there. The control may take a second to appear depending on your browser, but that’s just how it works apparently. This oddity was previously hidden since it wasn’t on the screen as the page loaded.

        • Thanks. I appreciate the appreciation. :D

          And I’ve got some good news, I’ve got an experimental fix in place, and I think it’s working. I’m gonna hold off for a moment on making a full-post announcement, don’t want to jump the gun, but it looks good so far.

          So if anybody wants to give it a test drive and let me know if you see an improvement, that would be helpful. The big difference should be that you now stay in light or dark mode between pages, and even between visits (which is how it was supposed to work all along).

  3. For me (Firefox under Linux) it occasionally turns on randomly when following a link to comments, but it is not a problem. So, for me, the vote that it happens is not a plea for you to fix it. However, I recognise that it matters to others.

    • Thanks, but after understanding the extent of the problem, I really don’t think I can justify keeping it as it is. It’s pretty much “completely” broken. Doesn’t work as it was intended to at all, except for logged-in users

      Obviously I’m normally logged in, so I missed how poorly it worked for a long time. I did think to test it while signed out, but evidently I got “lucky” and the problem didn’t show itself during my limited testing.

  4. I wish it would stay in dark mode every time but it doesn’t. And having the link at the bottom of the page means I have to scroll past the new stuff, turn it on, then scroll back to new posts (in otherwords not worth it unless it stays on all the time). But yeah I tried it and it is very intermittent. I am using silk on an amazon fire btw. Might be helpful to know which devices are responsible.

  5. Update: Prompted by the overwhelming number of users who reported problems in the poll, I’ve done some serious digging, and I’m now almost certain it’s the cache messing things up.

    But I really don’t want to disable caching entirely, because it does serve a valuable purpose. So if I’m forced to choose between caching and dark mode, I’m afraid it’s probably dark mode that has to go, as disappointing as that would be. But I haven’t given up on finding a way to make them play nice together.

    In the mean time, if anyone finds the situation intolerable, creating an account and logging in is a viable work-around as this will exempt you from the cache.

    • That’s interesting…
      The main page always stayed in light mode for me. Now I’ve tried a forced reload (Ctrl+Shift+R) without a change. BUT: Since then the single pages also don’t want to stay dark…

  6. It does turn on and off, but will sometimes turn on when refreshing the page or selecting the home button. Since I prefer the light mode, I have to scroll down to the bottom to turn it off. Until it can be made truly stable, I would suggest a second control button at the top of the page to make it easier to select the preferred state.

  7. I prefer dark mode, but most every time I turn it on, exit the site and then come back, it’s off again. *Most* every time, that is – when I started up the session where I saw the poll post, it was on, oddly enough. But when I came back later, it was off again. Until I started this reply, at which point it was on again. Please fix!

    Phone: Moto 3g
    Os:. Android 7.0
    Carrier: Metro PCS

    • Thanks for the feedback. I gotta say though, things are not looking good. Way more people are reporting that it doesn’t work properly than that it does.

      I’m surprised, because until today I’d only heard from I think two people about problems with it. Obviously something will have to be done. I’m not sure what at this point. I’d hate to scrap the dark mode concept entirely, since I know several people like it, plus I put some work into it. But it might come to that if I can’t figure out another solution.

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