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  1. Wristbands would make it easy to tell at a glance who’s registered and who isn’t, but it looks like they can be cut off or at least covered by clothing, so they wouldn’t really solve anything at all.

    It would make more sense if they used facial recognition technology. Sure, there would be cameras everywhere watching everything you do, but it would make it a lot easier to keep track of who’s supposed to be naked and who’s supposed to be clothed.

    • It’s intended to solve the opposite problem; it makes it easy to spot people getting naked when they’re not registered.

      For enforcing nudity on those who are, some places do use facial recognition, but putting cameras everywhere is rather expensive (not to mention creepy) so usually what they do is equip police with a device (basically just a smart phone with a special app) that they can use to quickly check people against the database.

  2. Leave it to a bureaucracy to come up with such an idea.
    Cracking down by checking registrations and handing out PN or Bottomless fixed penalties would be a far better solution.

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