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    • That’s for sure, the lucky individual :-) I hope (s)he is suitably appreciative.

      Let’s hope “Mom/Mum” extends the “nothing above stocking level” penalty till she either graduates from college with a first class hono(u)rs degree or becomes independent & lives on her own :-)

      After all even just one B+ is sufficient “crime” for that compared to straight As when the girl is as attractive as that one :)

      • Kudos to you Beardy for being inclusive, both in the possibility the date could be a girl, and American versus Commonwealth spellings. It’s appreciated.

        • Indeed, the date could be of any gender. Ah yes, Commonwealth spelling is nice. I often slip in “Canadian spelling” in my captions because those crazy Americans love to bastardize English! JK, no hard feelings to the US. :)

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