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  1. For Gloria,

    I’m glad your releasing new books finally, do you have any plans on going back and releasing the one you skipped and finishing out those series. I’ve bought all you’ve published so far.

    • Hi, William, could you tell me which story you want? Both Beth and Bell have more stories to come, as well as Amber. I’m working on another story for Zoe. I’m always glad to take requests.

      • I’ve been waiting on :Mark’s naked rebellion: Amber’s naked sex lab surprise :
        as well as the books on Beth and Belle

        I bought and read the second in the series on Cathy during the short period it was available and would like to read the first book in that.

        I really wish you had a fan page.

        • Hi, William,
          You can read the rest of Cathy’s story with her three young friends on my web page.
          I haven’t got the blog up yet, but you can e-mail me there.
          Gosh, you’re asking for all the books I haven’t written yet. I’m trying to get out one short novel a month. Give me some time to breath.

          • Thanks for the quick reply with the link to Cathy’s first book, I’ve already finished it and I must say having the back story helps understand the second book much better.

            I’m looking forward to your next book.

            Like NudeWorldOrder I didn’t see a link to contact you or an e-mail link on your page.

  2. She looks like she’s at the border at the Steens Mountains. She won’t have any problem going nude in those parts. She’ll fit right in with the other nude hikers.

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