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  1. “Yes, I know. I had a notification request set, so I have checked out the details on the internet. What they emphasized was that you may not be naked in public until you have registered as a Permanude. You have always said you want to be nude in public – and have often dressed in as little as you could without getting arrested – and I really meant it when I told you I really would like to have a nude girlfriend. Also, you can only register in yearly increments, with the maximum term being ten years.

    “So here’s what I suggest. You put on that long T-shirt you wore to the movies the other day, but without the panties and bra and we head down to City Hall so you can register. I thought at first of driving, but I think we will be there before it opens if we take the bus and that way you will be exposed from the start, not hidden in the car.”

    “I’d rather go down there nude.”

    “I know you would, but the mayor is not in favor of this change, and he has ordered the police to crack down hard on unregistered nudity. If you go there naked you will likely be arrested and miss the start of this new era. This is such a conservative town that I really doubt there will be a lineup to register; in fact you will likely enter the town’s history as the first person to register PN. And with any luck you will be the only person to register today, and the Office closes at 4 pm for the weekend. With any luck you will be the only one naked at least for three days, including the street fair tomorrow night.”

    “God, yes! I love your whole plan. I’ll get ‘dressed’ for the last time for at least ten years, and we can leave immediately. We can decide what we should do for the rest of the day on the bus.”

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