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  1. Definitely off. I’d say lose the bra too (and the shoes, as well, if the walking surface is not hazardous.) Perhaps she isn’t confident of her tits and wants to start with the bra on. Then with the encouragement she will surely receive, she can lose the bra while there.

    • This is an opportunity she can’t miss. How often does one get to be a pioneer who will be remembered forever for doing something new?

  2. I think she might be misunderstanding “no dress code”… But who knows, since some schools are actively promoting nudity with programs like Body Comfort Week, perhaps a “bare as you dare” prom isn’t out of the question.

    Or if not, technically she can still do it if she can convince her parents. Because if they say she’s going to the prom in just a bra, well that’s what she’s wearing.

    And for the record, definitely “off”.

    • The new school board for this district is very progressive and pro-confidence. So when her school says “no dress code” they mean you can wear anything or nothing at all to the event. They are starting this policy with school dances and if it’s successful they plan on including sporting events, pep rallies, assemblies, and even graduation ceremonies (though they’d still be required to wear a cap and sash) “no dress code”. Who knows. One day they might remove the dress code for attending classes. And I agree. She needs to lose the bottoms. No sense covering up something so pretty. She’ll also feel more comfortable and confident, which is the whole point of this change of policy.

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