New Zealand Terrorist Attack

I’m not sure why I feel like commenting on this, it’s not remotely on topic. But for some reason, though on the other side of the world, this attack felt strangely close to home. And perhaps the fact that this little blog is an apolitical venue with visitors from around the world makes it a particularly appropriate place to share this thought.

I read his manifesto out of morbid curiosity, and my takeaway is this: His ultimate goal is white nationalism (and strangely, environmentalism, whatever) but his immediate goal is division and discord. He literally laid that out, super-villain-style. He wants chaos and war, because he believes his side would emerge victorious.

What happened in New Zealand was a tragedy, but it would be a greater tragedy still if he succeeded in his objective of dividing us. Don’t let him win.

That’s all I wanted to say.

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  1. for one that lives in Christchurch a big thanks and as above please don’t name it,
    if you focus on anything please focus on those 50 who have lost there lives and those that witnessed it and the maimed survivors, unfortunatly we are use to rebuilding after a lot of sudden death from our quakes in 2010 and 2011

  2. @NWO

    “and strangely, environmentalism, whatever”

    The fact is, National Socialists were the first true animal rights activists and conservationists.

    division and discord?

    Greetings from Germany, which is politically torn by Muslim terrorism and rape. These acts are hushed up and glossed over by “ex-Kummunist” politicians and their anti-fascist minions are trying to silence the people.


    Where is my comment?

    • Your comment was awaiting moderation, like all first-time comments.

      So Nazis liked animals. Noted.

      division and discord?

      Yes, the manifesto was very clear about that. He even claimed he used guns specifically because he know it would lead to arguments in my country where they’re already a controversial issue. All the “memes” and “jokes” also seem designed to have people pointing their fingers at each other.

      I would agree though, that any attempt to brush crimes under the rug, be it motivated by misguided attempt to keep peace or whatever reason, ultimately only increases resentment and “us vs. them” thinking. Censorship is unhealthy for society in general, and in particular if it favors one race or religion over another that too creates the same kind of division this terrorist hoped to foment.

      • No asylum seeker belongs to Germany! So no Islamist!

        The current asylum policy does not mark any improvement in the third world in terms of the social issue. Since the early 1990s (German reunification), Germans spend (at least) 6 billion each year on asylum seekers. Currently we are at (at least) € 18 billion. Some opposition economists believe that up to € 40bn will be spent in hidden federal budget posts per year for asylum seekers in Germany. What do you mean, how many cities we could have built / expanded by now, with the (at least) € 18 billion (and anyway since 1990) in the neighboring countries of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq as well as all over Africa, if We would have invested the money locally in cities (new) construction, instead of here in the country where milk and honey are already flowing, for a pampered bourgeois exclusive selection of selfish deserters, who, by their ability for tug gangs, the tent camps could escape? Hundreds of billions in the form of hard currency would have long since found their way into the paychecks of otherwise beggar populations. But the left prefers to import well-situated deserters who crave their homes. They import these deserters for their own future political support. So to support spoiled her own breed hating egocentric (hooded racist) welcome wankers who also shit on their home. These additionally imported upper middle-class materialists will certainly be an “enrichment” for Germany, and as future “new German citizens” (only one fool can believe that these millions will leave the country again) place their choice cross on the family’s most promising spot.
        This can be seen above all from the fact that the leftists in Germany demand citizenship for asylum seekers.

        Admin Note: I don’t think this is an appropriate place to discuss German immigration polices. While I agree there should be a place for no-holds-barred debate on contentious issues like that, this definitely isn’t that place. Further posts along this line will not be allowed.

  3. well said.
    And don’t ever mention the names of people like that, it gives them the notoriety they want.

    Such acts are despicable, whomever does them and for whatever reason.

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