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  1. Hey, MLC777, us girls want some naked guys running around. Let’s not be sexist. Sexy, yes. Sexist. No. Let’s see some cute guys ten years PN for a typo.

    • I would be quite willing to participate on that level, too. I don’t even need a typo, just legal authorization.
      (BTW, been-there-done-that plenty in places/times when it was acceptable.)

    • You know, as a guy, seeing naked guys isn’t really what I want to see, but at the same time, in the PN world, guys are naked as often, if not more than women.
      That being said, the sight of naked men doesn’t offend or bother me. So while women are more exciting to look at, I feel the other side of the gender pool is being ignored.
      Perhaps more PN guys should be seen more in the future. I mean, it’s not just guys who enjoy the PN Universe.
      Am I right?

      • I’ve always acknowledged that men are under-represented in the pictures just because I’m not too interested in looking at them. Certainly the actual population of permanudes would be much more equal than the examples presented here suggest.

        I’m open to having more men on the site, but I only rarely do male captions myself and I don’t foresee that changing, so someone else would have to send them in.

        • I’m sure I could come up with a few ideas. I mean, really, if I could, I’d register and sign up for the maximum term available. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only guy in the world who would.
          Clothes are a lie and I dislike them greatly.

          Now if only this could become reality…

  2. Someone submitted this picture with a new caption, so unfortunately I had to tell them it had already been used. This is an old one, from back on tumblr, but I figured I should at least get it up here. It’s a great picture.

      • Yeah, I mean I see your point, I have relaxed about it somewhat over time since started this. For instance I generally don’t worry about using two pictures from the same shoot in different captions anymore. But I still prefer to avoid having the exact same picture twice. I admit I don’t have any really solid reason for that though.

        • I do feel someone is due about 5 years strict PN for “We aced are group…” when clearly it should read “We aced OUR.. ”

          That sort of thing should be severely punished… Especially for those clearly involved in education.

          • Five years for a typo? Don’t you think that’s a bit extreme?

            Well I wouldn’t want them to get in any more trouble, so let me just fix that before their teacher notices…

            • Those at the front of classrooms have a particular responsibility, maybe 5 years is extreme, but it should be severe.

            • Any excuse to get and keep women naked is quite reasonable. No offense is too minor for a nude sentence. No nude sentence is too extreme.

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