Hadakanbo Education

Due to the downtime, there’s gonna be one less update than normal today so here’s a random weird thing I found to make up for it.

It’s a naughty manga, the full title of which is apparently “Hadakanbo Education – Schoolgirls’ Breasts are Exposed!? Naked Health Lesson”.

Must sound better in Japanese.

Anyway, it’s about a school where everyone is naked. Fair warning: It does have some more overtly pervy content in addition to the nudity.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

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6 Replies to “Hadakanbo Education”

  1. Despite the pervy content I really liked it.
    I enjoy thinking what comics and manga would look like in a full nudist society. They could be more or less pervy, but all of them would have many many naked people in all scenes (and that’s great!)

    • I don’t think any ages were stated, and they’ve good boobs and pubes. That’s good enough for me as far as cartoons go. But I understand if you want to play it safe.

      • Well that certainly was something different. Though I do with the characters didn’t have sameface, it got confusing telling who was who in some panels.

  2. when the art style looked like something I recognize, I looked for where the artist was listed, and the artist is a name I recognize! The artist is Kasuga, and you can find a lot of their work on Gelbooru under the tag of “kasuga_(kasuga39)”

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