Tumblr Backups

I thought I’d share my experience with two tumblr back-up options: TumblThree, and tumblr’s internal export command. (Once again, the latter can be reached by going to settings, clicking your blogs name on the right, then scrolling to the bottom of the page.) First, TumblThree. It gets the job done. It’s actually a tad buggy, it’s has frozen up or otherwise misbehaved a couple times, but with a little persistence I’ll do what you need. A few tips:

  • When adding a blog, you need to write the whole URL, like http://nudeworldordernet.tumblr.com/ (not https, BTW).
  • If you’re into captioned pics, you probably want to turn on “download image meta”, so it saves the text that goes with each image. You can do that either in the settings before you add blogs, or turn it on for each blog in the details pane on the right, after adding them.
  • The format text gets downloaded in kinda sucks. But at least everything’s there.

For the build-in export option, the number one thing you need to know is that it’s slow. Slower than you’re thinking. No, slower than that. It takes days to process. And I tested it on my little emergency blog that has hardly any content. (Probably that means it’s first-come-first serve and a ton of people are using it, for obvious reasons, but it’s still kind of ridiculous.) Anyway, you click the export button and it’ll say “Backup Processing…”, then a few days later you get an email that your backup is ready and you can do download it. So that’s the big downside. Well that and the fact you can only use it on your own blog of course. But on the positive side, text is saved in a more readable format, and it can download things TumblThree can’t, such as draft posts and conversations from the Messaging feature. The last weird little thing is the archive comes as a zip file, but at first glance it appeared to be empty despite it’s 5MB (in my case) size. I don’t know what the heck is up with that, but if that happens to you, try opening it with 7Zip, that worked for me.

So bottomline, both have pluses and minuses, so I’d suggest backing up your own blog using both, and turning TumblThree loose on any other adult blogs you’d you’d like to save the content of. I’ve saved over 100GB of nudity over the last few days, which is insane, but are you gonna do, eh? Anyway, if you’re thinking of doing this, don’t wait. TumblThree will be useless after the 17th. I think tumblr intends to initially only hide (not delete) adult content so tumblr’s internal export function should still work, but why risk it? If you’ve got a blog you care about, start the export process now.

As long as I’m at it, here’s a big list of tumblr-alternatives. Seem pretty complete. Although they didn’t mention my own solution of paying for a host and running your own WordPress blog (not the same as wordpress.com).

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