July Avalanche

Wow. Got a whole bunch of submissions in the last couple days, from  several different people. Thanks everybody!

FYI It’ll probably take me a little while to get to everything. e.g. if I have comments on one of them you might not hear back from me right away, and if I don’t use one of yours for a couple days, don’t worry, it’s just due to the number of contributors at the same time.


Sorry about that. At least the error message was a little less scary this time. The problem was what it implied, my blog using too many resources. Had to upgrade to a more robust (and expensive) hosting plan. Not really happy about that, but what can ya do? Hopefully it’ll mean performance improves a little bit as a bonus. Didn’t get the most expensive plan though, so I still have to be a little careful. As such the recent changes (like 5 posts per page) will have to stay I suppose. We’ll see how it goes.

New tags, and adding them

OK, so a couple times people have suggested adding new tags. And my main reason for not doing it is that it’s time-consuming to go through all the old pictures, which would need to be tagged too. But some people on Discord expressed willingness to help, so that should make it more practical. So before we get started on that, any tags you think are missing? Should be something that A) shows up in a significant number of pictures, but not like most of them and B) Something people might specifically want to find.

Current plans are for “kink”, which I think will be my preferred name for any kind of BDSM-ish theme. And something for “newd etiquette”, which I haven’t exactly decided on a name for, maybe “etiquette”, but that’s still a longer word than I like for tags.

Lastly, if you’re interesting in helping, hop on the Discord server and say hi. I made a new channel for this purpose.

Tagging project is now under way.

Send Nudes

Haven’t got too many submissions the last few days and I’m running a little low. If you’ve been thinking about sending a caption, either again or for the first time, well I could definitely use some, is all I’m saying.

Also a quick reminder: putting your caption on the picture is not required. More people have been than not lately, but just sending the picture and caption as text is fine too. So if that’s what’s holding you back, don’t worry about it.

(They don’t have to be nudes, topless or bottomless is good too. :P)

Added Discord to main menu

Alright that pinned post was taking up too much space, and I trust everyone got a chance to see it. Anyway it looks like the discord server has been decently popular. So it has graduated to a main menu link. If you haven’t yet, click that and come join us.

It’s still a little rough around the edges but it’s shaping up nicely.

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