Connection Trouble

Been having a little trouble accessing the site today. I’m sure it’s just the usual issue with my cheap web host being… cheap. I’ll get in touch with tech support if it doesn’t resolve within a day or two. Past experience suggests they’ll fix it sooner or later, but contacting them won’t really make too much difference.

If it happens to you, just be patient and try again in a few minutes.

Tumblr Archive

Remember how I made all the stuff from the old Tumblr blog available to download as an archive?

Well I thought I did that anyway. It turns out I goofed up to an incredible degree and somehow this went unnoticed for over a year. Most of the submissions were there, but all of my #original captions were missing! Instead I included just a handful of pictures, which were the ones I had finished but not posted yet. A simple matter of copying the wrong folder I guess, but considering the size difference, 20-some vs. over a thousand, it’s amazing that I neither noticed myself nor got called out on it. Ah well. Anyone interested can now download the missing pictures. You’ve got a few options:

Complete archive on Mega. Or just the missing files.

Alternatively, you can get it as a torrent (magnet link). If anyone was seeding the old version, first, thanks I appreciate it, second I’d be even more grateful if you start seeding the new one. Your call whether it’s worth leaving the incomplete archive available too, but I’m inclined to think it can be disposed of.

Links Page

I’ve added a links page to the top menu. Haven’t put too much on it yet, I mainly wanted to get a permanent link to All About Nudity up someplace now they they’re hosting some of my stories. Incidentally, did anyone spot the reference in the last post?

And I’m open to suggestions for other site to include in the links if anyone has any.

Share buttons?

Here’s a question for you all. Would anyone be interested in having a button to share/reblog content from this site? I just happened to think of this the other day. It would (assuming people used them) be a way for me to get a little more exposure and for you to share your favorite pictures with people who might not see them otherwise. Obviously, given the content, you’re not gonna want to put this on Facebook… Tumblr would be the most obvious choice, or I assume there’s some kind of feature to make sharing between WordPress blogs easier (but I haven’t really looked into it yet). I’m open to suggestions about any other platforms too of course.

Just trying to gauge interest at the moment. Or find out if anyone has objections (privacy?) and would prefer I didn’t add share buttons. So please weigh in on the comments if you have any thoughts one way or the other.

Old Stories and New Site

A little while ago, when I was asking for opinions about adding a forum of some kind, the webmaster of a another nudity fan site contacted me with an offer to host it. By the time we got talking I’d already made that simple discussion page, so for now at least that’s the official Nude World Order “forum”. But this other site looks great, just… underutilized at the moment. So I decided it would be a good place to post things that don’t fit so conveniently in my blog format. To start with, I’ve put up all the old #story posts from Tumblr. I like having them all together in one place like that.

The site in question is called All About Nudity and you can find the the old stories I posted right here. But by all means look around, maybe start a discussion or consider posting stories of your own. Like I said, it’s a cool site that could do with some more activity.

Christmas Card

Someone asked me to repost an image from tumblr. It was one of Josh F’s submissions and had some anime girls wearing Santa hats and not much else.

Since it’s not Christmas time I’m a little baffled, but happy to help all the same. I figure they’re probably more interested in the picture than the caption (let me know if I’m wrong) so here’s a link to the same image that I found online.

P.S. At the at the bottom of the About page there are links where you can download all the old Tumblr blog content as one big archive, for anyone who didn’t know that.


You might have noticed the blog was down earlier today. Nothing serious, just some kind of technical problem at the host. They’re aware of it, but I’m not sure if it’s completely fixed yet, so don’t panic if I disappear again for a bit.


Just for fun, I’d thought I’d throw together a glossary of Nude World Order related terms.

Permanently naked: Legally prohibited from wearing clothes. Either voluntarily or not.
“She’s permanently naked.”
Permanently bottomless: Legally prohibited from wearing anything that covers the genitals or anus, but required to wear a top. Almost always a punishment.
“He was sentenced to five years permanently bottomless.”
Permanently topless: Legally prohibited from wearing anything that covers the breasts. Almost always voluntary.
“I’m looking for a permanently topless receptionist.”
Permanent nudity: Noun form of permanently naked.
“I’m going to sign up for permanent nudity.”
PN: Permanently naked. Often used in the compound “PN girl”.
“I’m going to the PN Rights march on Friday.”
PN girl: A permanently naked young woman. Some might consider it disrespectful, but plenty PN girls happily refer to themselves s such.
“I’m the only PN girl where I work.”
Permanude: Casual term for a permanently naked person, or short for permanently naked.
“So this permanude at the mall says…” “You’re gonna be permanude? Wow!”
New laws: Unofficial term for recent nudity related legal changes. Basically anything that’s different from the real world.
“The new laws have almost made commercials worth watching.”
Register: Voluntarily sign up to be permanently naked.
“I finally decided to register.”
Unregistered nudity: Nudity not sanctioned by the new laws.
“Unregistered nudity is prohibited on this beach.”
Taking clothes away: Common way to describe nudity used as a punishment by schools or parents. Not technically the same as permanent nudity, though similar in effect.
“I can’t believe they took my pants away for that!”
Clothing status: Official term the state of being permanently naked, topless, or bottomless, or not.
“We don’t discriminate based on clothing status.”
Nude: Not a legal term, but some people prefer it to “naked”. May imply it’s voluntary.
“I’ve been permanently nude for three years, it’s great!”
Newd Etiquette: How to behave when permanently naked, or around those who are. Most commonly applied to keeping your legs apart when sitting, which is considered polite.
“My friends say I’m still too shy about my body, it’s hard to get used to Newd Etiquette.”
French Style: Refers to wearing a normal top or dress with the neck opened wide to expose and frame the breasts.
“This dress may be plain, but wearing it French style makes all the difference!”
Strict/Relaxed: Different “levels” of nudity, used in some jurisdictions. Strict means no accessories. Relaxed allows any clothing, as long as it doesn’t cover the key areas.
“I got a fucking strict nudity sentence. I can’t even wear shoes except for safety.”
“I went for the relaxed registration. I’m showing off my goodies in style.”
Spreadie: A social media fad where you take a picture with your legs spread. Most traditionally it’s done with two friends holding you up.
“I can’t believe Liz just posted a spreadie! She was always so shy.”

Did I miss anything?

New Discussion Page

So I went ahead and added a discussion page. Just something very simple for now, it just uses the regular WordPress comment system, the only difference is now there’s a dedicated place for comments that don’t relate to a specific picture. If it sees significant activity I’ll look into the possibility of doing something more full-featured.

And to accommodate the longer discussions I hope to see, I made a couple changes to the comment system. If there are more than 10 top-level comments on a single post, older comments get moved to a new page. Also the newest comment will be listed first (previously it was oldest first). These changes are site-wide since I don’t see an easy to to change it for only the discussion page. Hopefully that won’t cause any confusion, but I figured I’d give you all a head-up about the change.

So, got anything to say, or ask? Dive in. The new page is accessible from the top menu and currently highlighted with cute little gold stars for your convenience.

Discussion Area?

Currently there isn’t a good way to have discussions or ask questions that aren’t related specific pictures. That semi-off topic conversation about PN-like movies a little while back got me thinking, would it be good to have something like that here? Theoretically I could set up an actual forum, but I’ve never done anything like that before. So at least as a first step I’d probably just stick with the existing comment system, but create a specific page for general discussion. Would anyone be interested in that?

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