This was actually a little while ago, but I’ve been a little busy lately and just noticed. Over 1000 pictures on the blog now. For comparison I had well over 2000 back on tumblr, so I shouldn’t really be surprised, but it’s still kind of amazing. Thanks to all the contributors, as well as though who just read to blog. After all, this wouldn’t be worth doing without an audience.


The brute force log-in attempts continue. Lockouts didn’t really help because they’re apparently using a wide selection of IP addresses. I didn’t want to do this, but I’ve added a CAPTCHA to the log-in page. Hopefully it won’t be too annoying. Once again, let me know if there are any problems.

As a “spoonful of sugar” I’ve given it a humorous and relevant word list. For example the CAPTCHA might be “naked boobs”. Obviously this isn’t terribly secure, but I can’t imagine this is more than a low-effort attack of opportunity, so hopefully that’ll be enough.


This post,”How to Sit” was intended to have two images, but only one appeared. This has now been corrected. Please follow that link to see the second part.

In other news, I’ve got an unusual number of failed log-ins recently. I assume it’s a spambot or something trying to steal accounts. As a result, I have made the rules a little stricter. You get 4 retries before you’re locked out, one hour the first time, and one day if it happens again in short timeframe.  If any real users are having trouble logging in, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m sure I can help you sort it out.

About Titles

Someone recently raised the issue that post titles can sometimes spoil the on-image caption, e.g. by giving away a key part of the story in a less interesting way. This is actually something I’ve tried to keep in mind, but evidently I haven’t avoided it completely. I’ve actually seen this on other sites too, where titles detract from the content. I hope I’m not doing the same thing unknowingly. Titles are kind of necessary on this platform, but obviously being the one who posts it, I experience this blog in a different way from readers, so I’d like to hear what you all think about this. Any specific examples of spoiler-titles would be appreciated, as well as general thoughts on the matter.

Yahoo Mail Spam(?)

Over the last few days I’ve got dozens of new user registrations, all with yahoo email addresses. (Normally I might get one registration every couple days.) I assume this is some sort of spam campaign, so I’m deleting them all. On the off chance any real humans get caught in the crossfire, please reply here and I’ll sort it out. (Not that user registration has much point anyway, about all it does is autofill  your name on comment and submission forms.)

Multi-Image Posts

So I’ve had a couple posts with multiple images sitting in my inbox for way too long, I’m not entirely satisfied with how WordPress handles them. That photoset feature on tumblr was pretty slick. This… isn’t. But it’ll do I guess. If you have any thoughts on how this works, better ways to do it, etc.

P.S. Someone just sent me a test message. Not sure what you were testing, but it worked I guess. Hello. And Bye.

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