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You know, I really haven’t been getting much in the way of submissions lately, except from a couple of regulars. They are much appreciated of course, but it’s fun to get surprises and new perspectives. If you read my blog regularly, I’m sure you have a pretty good idea what kind of picture and caption I’m looking for. Why not try your hand at it? The worst that can happen is I’ll tell you it’s not quite what I have in mind (with suggestions for how it could be improved, when possible).

You know what else I haven’t done in a long time?

Gifs! In fact I didn’t even have a gif tag until now, I guess that means none have made it to the new blog. I’ll have to look for some classics that deserve a place here. Anyways, this is somewhat experimental. Really great base gif, and I wanted to do it justice in the caption, but obviously space is limited. So I ended up doing it kind of silent movie style where the action pauses for dialog. Feel free to let me know what you think. It’s also pretty weighty, at 5MB, so again let me know if this causes problems. It’s nice to be free of tumblr’s arbitrary size limitations, but I still don’t wanna overdo it.

A quick note on comments

Just FYI, due to spam, the  first comment you submit is held until I approve it. I’m not exactly sure how it determines “first comment”, like if that’s based on the email address you supply, if any, or IP address, cookies or what exactly. But in any case, worry not, as long as your comment isn’t spam it’ll be approved, usually at the same time the next picture goes up.


So remember the #flashback tag I talked about a while ago?

I’ve already posted a few guest submissions with that; they seemed to fit. But I hadn’t done any flashback captions myself until now. More to come in the next few days. The idea is that these captions take place during the early days of permanent nudity (generally the early to mid 2000s, for anyone keeping track of the timeline), when it was still new and shocking. Some of the established rules might not exist yet either, for instance maybe some places didn’t have the cold weather exception yet, and it was really hard on permanudes for the first winter or two. That kind of thing. I think this will be a fun variation on the usual captions.

Feel free to get in on the act. Just put “flashback” in the notes if you want to submit one.

Council for Casual Nakedness?

Another discussion post, inspired by this last picture. One thing I’ve never really explored, or honestly thought about too much, is the question of who exactly is in favor of permanent nudity. No doubt it would be a political issue in this world. It’s pretty easy to imagine who’d be against it, religious conservatives would not be pleased I expect. Although since nude punishments and voluntary registration are kind of a package deal, perhaps some could get on board with it for that reason. And conversely, I can imagine some on the left are probably critical of the involuntary aspect  from a “social justice” perspective, even though it seems pretty clearly preferable to prison.

But who exactly is in favor of it? Just naturists? Hard to imagine them having enough political clout. General libertarian types? “If people wanna be naked, that’s cool. Doesn’t hurt anyone.” I mean if this were real I’d probably support it mostly for that reason. But that still seems a little weak.

A related question is what the official stance is. Like does the government actively encourage permanent nudity? If so, why? I kind of imagine they’d be fairly neutral. Their interest in nude punishments is clear, it’s a cheaper alternative to prison, but if anything voluntary nudity undercuts that somewhat.

I’m curious if any of you have thought about these things, and if so, how you imagine this all playing out.

Changing Registration

Inspired by the last post, about a young woman who wishes she registered naked and instead of just topless, the possibility of changing your registration is kind of an interesting background detail to consider. It may not come up in captions too often, but since I like imagine how this stuff would work if it were real, let’s think about it for a bit. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Obviously the fact that you have to commit to being permanently naked for a certain length of time (usually one or two years minimum) is a core part of the setting, so it certainly shouldn’t be easy to get out of. And if you’re received a permanently naked or bottomless sentence as punishment for a crime, then clearly the only way to change it would be to successfully appeal your conviction, same as if you were put in jail.

But there might be some cases where changing your registration would be reasonable. For instance in that caption, she’s registered voluntarily, and she wants to be more exposed, not less. In that case, I can’t think of any reason she shouldn’t be allowed to “upgrade” her registration to permanently naked. The same might apply somewhere that used the strict/standard/relaxed system. Say someone registered “relaxed naked”, meaning only their nipples and crotch actually have to be exposed, but then they find out their employer would still require them to wear a modified uniform, and they decide they’d rather just be totally naked all the time. Would that be reasonable to allow?

As for actually canceling a voluntary registration like this poor lady wants to do, there probably would be some kind of process, but it wouldn’t be easy. You’d have to prove that you’d actually been coerced into it, that your registration is causing a real significant hardship or some kind of very solid reason like that. Even in a jurisdiction that was liberal about it and willing to basically let you change your mind, I imagine you’d have to show some kind of “good cause”, like a major event in your life which you could not have anticipated when you registered. Back to that last caption, even if she’s lucky enough to live somewhere like that, I doubt if a breakup would be considered a strong enough reason. Maybe if she’d actually been married and got divorced.

Please use a working email when you submit pictures

(And then actually check that email.) This isn’t directed at anyone specific, but if you think I’m talking about you, I might be, partly. Fairly often I get submissions, especially from new contributors, and either there’s some kind of problem or I just want to ask a question about it, e.g. to make sure I understand what’s happening so I can tag it right. That’s the only reason I ask for an email address. Anyway, when I contact one of those people with a question, or to point out a problem that could be fixed, all too often I never hear from them again. Or I might even get the same or similar submission again, with the same problem.

So, please don’t do that. If you really don’t have any email address you’re comfortable sharing with a naughty blog, then please at least use something like so I know not to bother.

Now I don’t know for sure it’s because the email address is a dud, that just seems like the most likely explanation. If you’ve submitted something, and neither saw it posted nor heard back from me, but you did give me a working email, then please get in touch. It’s always possible there are still some technical problem. Gosh I hope not, but if there is, I want to know. You can either use the contact form or comment here.

Law Interactions

It’s been a while since I posted any “classic” (i.e. from the old tumblr) picture. This was a fun one. As I explained when I originally posted it, the back story is that she registered permanently topless in one of the states the offers that, then moved somewhere else that recognizes out-of-state topless registration, but probably doesn’t allow it directly. Then, unfortunately, she had a brush with the law and received a bottomless sentence. Normally, that would replace a voluntary registration, but because her registration was from out of state, that didn’t happen automatically. So she ended up with a particular strange set of clothing restrictions.

I always find this kind of thing amusing to think about, plus it’s an excuse to use pictures that don’t follow the normal set of rules.

New Tag, and an idea

First a quick aside, I’ve been suffering from a cold for a few days, so if you noticed updates being a little sparse, that’d by why. I think I’m on the mend now though.

Alright, so the main thing I wanted to write about is that this submission gave me an idea. It talks about the state having just made permanent nudity legal, which I generally assume had already happened through out the US. But rather than quibble with that, I decided to just make a new tag: flashback. (As of this moment that’ll be the only post.) And that in turn gave me an idea, that time when the New Laws were first rolling out must have been  very exciting! I’ve done one or two captions like that before, but I really should do more with that (once I get over my cold anyway). And maybe you’d like to get in on this too?

Just think, in the “frontier days” of permanent nudity, it would have been much more controversial and shocking. Some people may not have heard of it at all until a naked person suddenly walks into their store or whatever and tries to convince them it’s legal. It could also be your excuse to break the rules a bit, since some of the details may not have been ironed out quite yet. If you you’d like to try your hand at this, please put *flashback* in the notes, or just mention it if you submit by email, to make sure I know  where you’re coming from.

To be clear, I still don’t want graphic sex or heavy BDSM type themes, but as far as “fine points of the law”, like exactly how registration works, when it can be imposed on someone involuntarily, and so forth, feel free to get creative. Another topic you might want to touch on is some of the reasons permanent nudity got legalized in the first place. But I would ask you not to attempt anything like a definitive origin story, I’d prefer to leave that somewhat mysterious.

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