Added Discord to main menu

Alright that pinned post was taking up too much space, and I trust everyone got a chance to see it. Anyway it looks like the discord server has been decently popular. So it has graduated to a main menu link. If you haven’t yet, click that and come join us.

It’s still a little rough around the edges but it’s shaping up nicely.

Discord Server

At Megamegatron99’s suggestion I’ve created a Discord server. If you’re not familiar, it’s somewhere between a chatroom and a messenger service. (Or a bit like IRC for you old hands.) It can be accessed from the web, or a mobile app.

So anyway, come on in and discuss Nude World Order and related topics on a new platform. There’s also a “meta” channel for discussing the Discord server itself, so if you have any ideas about what I should do with it, feel free to weigh in.

Anyway, here’s the Invitation Link.

Scary Error Message

You might have seen a somewhat alarming error page if you tried to visit earlier this evening. The kind of thing that makes you think “Uh-oh, is this site gone for good?” Well I’m not gone. Sorry for any concern caused. It was just a technical problem my host was having.

New Zealand Terrorist Attack

I’m not sure why I feel like commenting on this, it’s not remotely on topic. But for some reason, though on the other side of the world, this attack felt strangely close to home. And perhaps the fact that this little blog is an apolitical venue with visitors from around the world makes it a particularly appropriate place to share this thought.

I read his manifesto out of morbid curiosity, and my takeaway is this: His ultimate goal is white nationalism (and strangely, environmentalism, whatever) but his immediate goal is division and discord. He literally laid that out, super-villain-style. He wants chaos and war, because he believes his side would emerge victorious.

What happened in New Zealand was a tragedy, but it would be a greater tragedy still if he succeeded in his objective of dividing us. Don’t let him win.

That’s all I wanted to say.


Here’s something interesting I just heard about. Tumbex is an alternate site for viewing tumblr posts, including the adult ones. I’m not entirely clear if they found a way to partially bypass the adult content block, or if this is only an archive of stuff from before that. But it seems surprisingly complete, and considering it’s difficult to view adult blogs at all now, this might be a handy tool for some of you.

Here, for example, are the two blogs Daican-2 mentioned on the discussion page a little while ago.

ENF Captions 2.0 (nakedenfcaptions)

Captions Of Nakedness (captionsofnakedness)

Got any other old favorites? Feel free to share them in the comments.

New Feature: Recent Comments Page

This was inspired by Daican-2’s flood of activity. Hehe, no that’s not a problem, but it occurred to me that comments aren’t very “discoverable” once they drop off the recent list (of 10) on the sidebar and the post they’re attached is no longer on the front page.

So I added a special page where you can see the last 50 100 comments. It also shows the whole comments, not just the name of author and post it was on. I don’t know how popular this will be, so rather that put it on the main navigation bar, it’s accessible by clicking “More…” under the regular Recent Comments list in the sidebar. (And as I’ve mentioned before, when I “sidebar” that translates to “bottom of the page” for mobile.) Anyway, it’s there, if anyone feels the need to catch up on recent discussion.

On a vaguely related note, something that also came up recently: If you make a sufficiently embarrassing typo or other error in a comment, don’t hesitate to reply to yourself asking me to fix it. Like “EDIT baked=naked” or whatever, and I’ll fix it and delete the extra comment. Or you can just redo the whole comment correctly and reply to the old one asking me to delete it, that works too. Anyway, it’s only a tiny bit of work for me, and since I was never able to find a practical way to let you edit your own comments directly, I don’t mind taking care of it from time to time.

Dark Mode Fixed

Or at least I hope so. Pretty sure.

The important part: Dark Mode should now consistently stay on (or off) between pages, and between visits (ON setting remembered for 1 month). I’ve removed the “Dark mode quick access” thing at the top of the page, because it was a little bit ugly, and shouldn’t be needed now that the setting stays set.

Technical details: Feel free to skip if this doesn’t interest you.

I’m using WP Night Mode to add that feature, but by default, another plugin, WP Super Cache doesn’t know how to handle it. This was the source of all the problems. However WP Super Cache does have a built in feature for excluding logged-in users. So taking advice from someone who reported a similar issue, I edited WP Night Mode so that its cookie is named “wordpress_logged_in_DarkMode”. This fools WP Super Cache into thinking the user is logged in, so they are excluded form the cache. This is a hack, obviously, but it seems to be working. There’s supposed to a better way to do this so that Dark Mode users would get their own separate cache, but frankly I don’t know by way around WordPress well enough to understand how to get that working. So this will have to do. It’s not perfect, it does mean Dark Mode users will experience slightly slower page loads, but for now at least it I’m happy to have it not be completely broken.

New poll, if you’d like to let me know how it’s working.

MojoFire, a tumblr alternative

One of the tumblr replacements some people are working on is called MojoFire. It’s still not live yet, but they seem serious about making something of it.

The reason I mention it now, is that they’re offering tumblr users a chance to claim their same username ahead of anyone else. You can do so here if that sounds interesting.

Naturally I can’t vouch for any of this, they’ve been rather light on the specific details to be honest, but assuming it works out, it will presumably a) be somewhat similar to tumblr, and b) allow adult content. Don’t really know anything beyond that.

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