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    • Yeah, but I haven’t decided too much yet. Other than that want to do it sooner or later (preferably sooner). One issue is I’d like to get at least some of the old interviews back online (they’re currently available in the tumblr archive only) to provide context before attempting new ones, but at the same time I sort of hate to flood the front page with old stuff. I’ll probably need to learn a few new WordPress tricks to make that work smoothly.

      Then I need to figure out how I’ll do the interviews themselves on this blog. I have some ideas, but nothing definite. And I’ll have the create a new “Nothing To Hide” home page it explain the concept, because that’s one of the few parts of my old tumblr I neglected to back up offline. None of that are a big problem, but all those details add up to enough that I haven’t got around to sorting it out.

      Feel free to share any thoughts about how you’d like to see it work. No promises of course, but input is always welcome.

    • Thanks. I’ll see if I can think of anything to use that for. Videos are a little trickier to work with, but on the other hand maybe I can turn part of it into a gif. Haven’t done one of those in a while.

      • “but on the other hand maybe I can turn part of it into a gif.”
        that is pretty much what I had in mind… (for a variety of reasons…)

  1. Has anyone here heard of the “Humans are Space Orcs/Earth is Space Australia” Tumblr Posts? Well, I think it’d be interesting to see a crossover post between NWO and HaSO…. I’ll start
    Alien: Why are some members of your species running around naked? Isn’t Public Nudity illegal on this planet?
    Human: Oh, That is a long story…It was and still is, but…..some odd stuff happened to The Laws in some areas of The World….
    …And Now Y’all can Take it from Here :)

  2. Just recently returned to my first skinny dip in the local river late at night. There was a twist when I was prepping myself to swim I heard a group of older graduates swimming nearby and I swam with them not nude at first. 15 or so minutes later I ditched my suit once I had a difficult time of jumping off from a high point because I figured it would give me the courage of doing so because no one else was swimming in a naked state.

  3. I just added a suitable header image to this page. Another WordPress feature I’ve never used before, so let me know if it does anything weird, etc.

    I thought it set a nice tone, so you can imagine we’re all sitting around naked chatting about things.

  4. I have had some interesting experiences with real life nudity.

    One day I entered my roommates room to find his girlfriend completely naked, we’ll call her T. I pretended not to notice, but when the subject came up, I stated that it didn’t bother me. So from that day forward, any time she’d come over to visit, she’d just take her clothes off at the door and fold them up nicely. Most days she’d just wear a shirt and pants. She figured that way she could get naked faster.
    We loved this girl.

    I invited a couple of female friends over and told them that we were having a naked day and not to be bothered by it. They asked if they could join in the naked part and I figured, why not?
    They buzzed and we let them in. Since we lived on the third floor, we knew it would take them a while to get to our door, but after several minutes, I began to wonder where they were. I look out the peephole on my front door and there they are, in the hallway, taking their clothes off!
    Once they had stripped fully, that’s when they knocked.

    These are two real life experiences with nudity that I can recall just off hand. There are more and they’re always fun.

    • They are fun indeed. Feel free to share more if you think of them. Can’t say I’ve been lucky enough to experience anything like that yet myself.

      • I know that instances of brazen nudity are rare and I cherish those moments. Even the ones where I’ve been the only naked person in mixed company.

      • That one friend, T, would have fit perfectly in a PN world. She would be naked for every visit, sure, but she wasn’t shy in the least.
        I recall one time that we were all playing some Guitar Hero and her and I were playing in the nude. She was lying on the bed behind me, with her boyfriend. She called my name and I turned to look at her. She threw her leg up and suddenly I was looking at all things naked.
        I couldn’t help but laugh, as she was trying to distract me from the song I was about to play, but to this day, I still remember the sight of her pussy and her tight little butthole mixed with the huge smile on her face.
        My cousin looked like he was going to shit himself. He was sitting right next to her!

      • Another time, after looking into the laws, we discovered that anyone can be naked in their car, as long as the windows were rolled up all the way.
        I didn’t see this myself, but her best friend, a guy, told us that after our conversation about that, she rode in the car completely naked for two hours as they traveled to visit her dad.
        He even told me that she didn’t bother to get dressed for the weekend they spent at his cabin.
        Yeah. She would fit in a PN world and she would be a voluntary.

        • So much freedom… Here driving naked would be seen as “nudity within sight of a public road” and therefore illegal.
          Even worse if you got pulled over or had an accident and have to leave the car.

          If it were legal, I’d probably never wear clothes (weather permitting) except at work or shopping (I doubt most stores would like naked customers, especially at first).

    • As far as I know, no one uses nude punishments in the real world yet.
      But if nude punishments were to occur in real life, it’d most likely be just making someone wear a skirt with nothing on underneath or something.
      But did you know that there are actually people who are afraid of clothing, the fear is called vestiophobia, or is it spelt vestiphobia? well either way, there are people that have a fear of clothing so if PN registration was a thing, they’d most definitely sign up.
      I learned about vesti(o)phobia from a small blue book that I have, and the book is titled “The Bathroom Trivia Book” and the page is page 82.

      • interesting. I’m not scared of clothing (in general, some items definitely make me wonder what sadist came up with it), but my senses are oversensitive (not just touch, but smell, hearing, and vision as well) to some things and that includes seams in clothing, rough textures (think wool, roughly spun cotton, etc.), making a lot of clothes (well, most) pretty uncomfortable to wear.

        IF pn were a thing irl I’d seriously consider signing up for it just because of that, any other considerations secondary.

    • Never heard of it, and if it did happen it’d be confined to the home as public nudity is effectively illegal just about anywhere, and even where not subjecting a minor to it would be considered child abuse.

      • You may well think that nudity is “effectively illegal just about anywhere” but actually simple nudity is legal in England and Wales. Public sexual activity is illegal, but just going about your normal business in not, in itself, breaking the law. The Home Office clarified this point a few years ago, and the Police recently updated their training and issued guidelines to ensure all Police Officers know that simple nudity is not an offense.

        And there are lots of places in Germany where public nudity is acceptable, or even required.

        • yes, there are places. But even in the UK people are still arrested left and right for being naked in public, and have a hard time getting those records cleared.

          And that’s the problem. If I’m legally naked, yet get arrested and end up with a criminal record I lose my job (which requires me to have a clean record, as do pretty much all jobs in my profession) and won’t find another one until that record is cleared, which can take years.

          That’s why it’s effectively illegal, even if technically legal. As long as police enforce non-existent laws, courts don’t stop them from doing so, and the general public doesn’t even know something is legal, as long as employers won’t allow you to do what’s legal, it might as well be illegal.

          For example in the Netherlands, it’s legal to be naked “out of sight of a public road where appropriate”. But that is not defined, so a police officer can on the spot decide something is ‘inappropriate’ or ‘within sight of a public road’ and arrest you.
          Getting those charges dropped takes a very long time and a lot of money.
          Like a few years ago when a group of nude sunbathers on a yacht well outside published shipping lanes got arrested for ‘illegal public nudity’ and slapped by a police judge with hefty fines. A patrol boat had spotted what looked like a ship in trouble on the horizon, approached, and spotted the naked people on board peacefully laying in the sun using powerful binoculars, then decided that that was enough for an arrest for ‘illegal public nudity’.
          Took 2 years until a higher court overturned that clearly inappropriate decision, and a team of lawyers from the Dutch naturist foundation specialising in such cases (the fact that there is such a team should tell you enough, they handle quite a few).

          So even where technically legal, it’s simply too risky to take the plunge and go skinny dipping. Heck, sometimes published nude beaches disappear from one day to the next, people being ordered out and fined where the day before there were police looking on and waving.

          • “But even in the UK people are still arrested left and right for being naked in public, and have a hard time getting those records cleared.”
            Actually – no. To the best of my knowledge, nobody has been arrested just for being naked in public in the UK for several years now. Feel free to provide counter-examples if I’m mistaken.

            It used to happen occasionally – there were nude walkers and cyclists who ended up in court – but since British Naturism started to get involved, every single one of these cases was dismissed.

            There are still a few cases where people have been engaging in sexual behaviour in public, but even these tend to be fairly extreme examples.

            The big problem for ordinary members of the public is not getting arrested but receiving a ‘caution’. Occasionally people are threatened with arrest (even though it is not permitted) and then they are given the offer of being ‘let off with a caution’. If you are ignorant of the law here, you might accept, and then the caution is on your record, when standing firm would have produced no police record.

            You can find the legal advice which BN has agreed with the Home Office here:
            Everyone who goes naked in public in England and Wales needs to know what the law says!

          • But I accept your other points: employers can still be unreasonable on this subject. And I can’t comment on the law or how it is enforced in the Netherlands.

            Sorry – just thought – to clarify the previous post: in the UK, you do not get a police record for being arrested. You get a police record for accepting a caution, or for being found guilty of some offense – and being naked is not a offense.

    • Apparently it’s somewhat of a thing in India.

      Inquiry after India students ‘stripped for punishment’
      Indian student forced to strip in class for not finishing homework
      11-yr-old boy ‘made to strip, paraded naked’ by teacher

      It’s not legal, though, at least not when schools do it. The teachers responsible have faced consequences, though not necessarily as severe as you’d expect if it happened in a the US.

      Legal or not, this type of punishment must be known in the culture on some level since there have been multiple incidents like that. So I suspect it has been used by parents as well, no idea if it’s legal in that case.

      I guess nudity is somewhat less of a big deal in India (possibility an uninformed opinion) but these stories still seem quite cruel, so needless to say I don’t think it’s acceptable.

      This is different from NWO universe where everyone generally understands nudity to be a valid form of punishment, so even if they’re upset to get such a punishment, think it’s unfair, etc, they accept it with no more distress than someone would have about getting grounded or similar in real life. Even forgetting for a moment that the real cases have mostly involved children, that level of humiliation and distress is certainly not a turn-on for me, which is why in the fantasy world people pretty much take it in stride.

      If anyone knows more about nude punishments in India, e.g. can confirm or refute my thought that it must be somewhat cultural, I’d be interested to hear about it.

      • yes, in India there are people who are permanently naked, but not the general population.
        They’re a small group of monks who give up all wordly possessions including their clothes and survive solely through gifts of food, shelter, and if needed medical care while roaming the streets from town to town.

      • I can’t speak for all parts of India however in Mumbai nudity in general is definitely a big deal, the west is far more open about showing skin, go to a beach and the women will be wearing T-shirts and pants that stop just above the knee, the difference is that children in general get far less respect, the culture is big on respecting elders but the side-effect is the younger you are the less people see you as a fully functioning person, an example from my school this was in 3rd grade, a boy crapped his pants and i mean absolute explosion of crap, they sent his pants to be washed and sent him back without them the teacher just made him sit out the rest of the day sans pants, he was extremely embarrassed by it it was not normal and he never lived it down pretty sure he switched schools at the end of the year, point is the reason this was OK is because he was a kid it was an all boys school so why does it matter, no thought was given to what the kid felt about it cause he was a kid and unimportant.

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