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  1. You know what would have been cool about that Tumblr fiasco? If they gave up classifying good nipples vs. bad nipples and just allowed all nipples. They can leave in place all those prudish rules about genitals and sex and still make a statement in favor of freedom.

    Their list of exceptions is growing bigger and bigger: breastfeeding: OK, protests: OK, art: OK, medical images: OK yet Tumblr and other sites refuse to say “Yeah, topless is OK for both men and women, I guess”. After all those exceptions, what’s left? Hardcore porn? That would be disallowed by other rules anyway. Plain topless pictures that are not artsy enough or protest-y enough? (Like many of the pictures on this site) Well, I don’t know why they need to forbid that kind of picture, yet they do.

    Changing that would be a small but a valuable change in (internet) society.

    Too bad I can’t be bothered to send them a message to prod them in the right direction, I’ve never had an account there. If someone cares enough, they could copy this message (polish it a little) and send it to Tumblr.

    • You only forgot all those crazy fundamentalists, who think female nipples are as bad as snuff porn… They may even like the later more, if the victim isn’t naked…

    • Yeah, that still would have been a sad decision from my perspective, but it would have at least been a little forward-thinking at the same time. It’s almost kind of ironic, tumblr was best known for two groups of users: porn and nudity fans like us and the social justice crowd. With their “female-presenting nipple” ban, they managed to alienate both at once. (Despite a rather hallow attempt to pay lip service to the latter by putting “presenting” in there).

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