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  1. A pretty general comment, but I guess this is the right place for it. I wanted to mention to both NWO and the submitters/fans of the page that I am the WORST person for liking/remembering to like posts. So well I do only seemingly “like” a few, it’s not an indication that I don’t like others. It’s that I very seldom remember to actually click the little button. Also, I know I’ve been slacking on my own submissions lately, I hope to get on track with that later this week.

    • I wish the Like button showed up on the main page (as it did on tumblr), but unfortunately I found a surprisingly limited choice of like plug-ins (it’s not a standard WordPress feature), and now that a choice has been made switching to another system probably isn’t practical.

      Anyway, I appreciate when people use it, but you shouldn’t feel any obligation. It’s interesting to see the relative popularity of different posts, but it hardly matters whether one is 16 and the other 8, or one is 10 and the other is 5.

  2. for those of ya who are curious about the new “holiday” and “pubes” tags,
    I haven’t gotten around to continuing the process of going through the old posts yet. And as an explanation, I suggested “pubes”, and NWO has wanted to implement “holiday” for quite a while, so a deal of sorts was made… (I guess)

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