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  1. how do you address the problem of sexual violence in your nude world? would you be in favor of allowing ladies to have guns with them all the time, but males would be strictly prohibited from even touching guns? what is the punishment for rape in your nude world?

    • I don’t see why any of this needs to be different from the real world, to be honest. But here’s a quick thought on each:

      The only thing that comes to mind is the groping a naked person in an intimate area is worse violation than doing it to a clothed person. Some places might have this specifically written into the law, but even if not, most judges would take this into account in sentencing.

      No, I would not be in favor of that law. I did one time do a caption saying that “open carry” bans were ruled unconditional in this world because they discriminate against the permanently naked. That was just an off-hand thing, but I suppose it’s canon for the setting now (with regard to the US). But that would apply to both men and women of course.

      The punishment would be the same, a medium-to-long prison sentence. For obvious reasons, sex crimes are rarely if ever punished with a nudity sentence. (Except for indecent exposure, if that counts as a sex crime, which seemingly is almost always punished that way.)

    • Interesting. It opens them in the sidebar-type-thing, right? I had actually noticed that you could use that to view adult blogs (but not adult posts, necessarily) earlier. It’s not quite the same as visiting the blog directly, but it’s better than nothing, it’s just kind of hard to get there normally. So this extension is somewhat helpful. (Too bad I don’t like Chrome.)

  2. ok, I have an idea for a new feature of sorts…
    the idea is an addition to the tag combination feature and it is being able to exclude particular tags by typing “-” in front of the tag you wanna exclude instead of typing “+”, for example: (new)-male

    • Yeah, that would be nice. I was pleased to have the tag combination feature, since that’s already a step up from what tumblr had, but it’s still a bit more limited than I’d like. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as the built-in tag feature goes.*

      So adding anything more advanced would depend on finding a plugin (or being skilled enough to make one, which I’m probably not), and I haven’t been able to find anything like that.

      *Actually it does have one more feature I didn’t advertise. Doesn’t seem terribly useful, but you can also use a comma to mean “or”. So for example “topless,bottomless” would return all posts with either of those tags.

  3. Hey, all! You were actually in this scene so you would know better than anyone, I think. Back in the day, there was a fourth nude caption story blog on tumblr (other than NWO, forevernakedgirl and nakedtimestories), but I cannot for the life of me recall what it was. Any help?

    • Hmm there were probably more than that actually. But other than people who contributed to my blog, the the first that comes to mind is sexysexinc, could that be the one?

      Also femmeboutiquegirls. That guy mainly did fakes (and was very good at it), but they sometimes has captions too.

    • I see that NWO has replied with the one you wanted, but I had a different captioning blog in my favorites:

      There were
      csptionsofnakedness and
      which added captions to give context or a little story, but these almost always only had captions under the picture, not part of the actual photo.

  4. I fkn HATE the “new” dark mode, it completely randomly enables itself, it’s driving med Nukkin Futz.. I turn it off, refresh, it’s on again. pick a different page than home, it’s off.. go back to home, it’s on again.. turn it off, refresh, it’s on again.. for FUCK’S SAKE fucking REMOVE IT!~!!@!!


    It’s not like Edge is an *uncommon* browser, if you can’t make TURNING OFF dark mode WORK in Ef=dge DON’T fkn USE IT!!!!

    • Edit: Alright, based on the poll, it looks like there’s a serious problem here. I have a pretty good idea what’s wrong now (it’s the cache), and I’m looking into solutions. Creating an account is the only work-around I can suggest right at the moment.

      I still think you could have raised this issue a little more politely, but now that I see how wide-spread it is, I can understand your frustration.

  5. You know what would have been cool about that Tumblr fiasco? If they gave up classifying good nipples vs. bad nipples and just allowed all nipples. They can leave in place all those prudish rules about genitals and sex and still make a statement in favor of freedom.

    Their list of exceptions is growing bigger and bigger: breastfeeding: OK, protests: OK, art: OK, medical images: OK yet Tumblr and other sites refuse to say “Yeah, topless is OK for both men and women, I guess”. After all those exceptions, what’s left? Hardcore porn? That would be disallowed by other rules anyway. Plain topless pictures that are not artsy enough or protest-y enough? (Like many of the pictures on this site) Well, I don’t know why they need to forbid that kind of picture, yet they do.

    Changing that would be a small but a valuable change in (internet) society.

    Too bad I can’t be bothered to send them a message to prod them in the right direction, I’ve never had an account there. If someone cares enough, they could copy this message (polish it a little) and send it to Tumblr.

    • You only forgot all those crazy fundamentalists, who think female nipples are as bad as snuff porn… They may even like the later more, if the victim isn’t naked…

    • Yeah, that still would have been a sad decision from my perspective, but it would have at least been a little forward-thinking at the same time. It’s almost kind of ironic, tumblr was best known for two groups of users: porn and nudity fans like us and the social justice crowd. With their “female-presenting nipple” ban, they managed to alienate both at once. (Despite a rather hallow attempt to pay lip service to the latter by putting “presenting” in there).

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