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    • Here’s a link, in case anyone doesn’t know what this is about. She has written several eBooks apparently inspired by my blog. Most cost $3, and I believe some a free if you have Amazon Prime. FYI, the universe similar, but not identical. They also feature significantly more sex.

  1. I just realized this page was misconfigured. I had it set to show newest comments at the top, but it was still showing the oldest page of comments first. That’s obviously silly. I think I fixed it now.

  2. Back when Forever Naked Girl was active on tumblr (any idea what happened to her btw?) she did a series about “The Treatment” where in addition to losing their clothes girls/women also gave up part of their intelligence.
    Does anyone know if this series is still online anywhere?
    It’s not normally my favorite side of this genre, but I was thinking about it and couldn’t find it anywhere.

    • Sorry, I have very little information. Her blog disappeared shortly after mine, for what I can only guess are similar reasons, and I have not been in any contact with her since.

      As for the Treatment captions, I suppose some of them might still exist on tumblr, if anyone reblogged them. Other than that I really don’t know. Since there were posted towards the end of her blog’s run they’re less likely to have gotten picked up by anyone I guess. If you search for her name you find a few collections of her stuff people have put together on ImageFap or the like, but I didn’t notice any of the Treatment captions included. Seems to be older stuff.

  3. Following up the comment on the law about simple nudity in England and Wales, I have just seen this update on the situation in Scotland. It looks like there has been a significant shift in the way the law there will be interpreted and applied. Many thanks to the people in British Naturism who have been spearheading this work!

    You can read an article about it here (I hope!): https://www.bn.org.uk/news/information/about-bn/legal-success-in-scotland-r504

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