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    • I, and also Daicain-2, use Haettenschweiler. Other contributors who do their own captioning use other fonts. There’s certainly no rule about it, as long as it’s readable, if that’s why you were asking. Even I occasionally use others, for instance in this picture I used Andy.

  1. I know in the world that you created parents can punish their kids by taking away their clothes.

    Do you think that would be legal in the real world? Obviously they can’t be out in public, but would it be ok if it was restricted to private homes?

    • While it might not be illegal per se, I think IRL child protective services would very skeptical about this parenting decision if ti came to their attention.

    • Yeah. I usually avoid naming specific places because that means I’ll have to keep track of it later, but I think it’s safe to assume there are at least a few countries that didn’t adopt the idea. Islamic countries seem like probable candidates.

      There could also be a few countries that have nude sentences but not voluntary registration (or the reverse for that matter).

  2. By 2019 in NWO, what percentage of people would you say are currently permanently naked vs missing other clothing? How many people have never been forced naked in public ever?

    • So in the first question, do you mean permanently naked vs. bottomless or topless? I’d say permanently naked is more common by a significant margin, but it probably varies regionally. Topless isn’t available everywhere, some local authorities may use bottomless sentences more than others, and so on.

      I’d say a significant amount (but not all) of the people graduating high school and college now have been subject to forced nudity at least one, either as a punishment or in some kind of expanding-your-horizons program. Most of the older generations never have been, since the only way that would happen is a criminal sentence. So over-all that’s still a minority of the population who’s ever been naked in public.

    • Someone else mentioned the server was down for a little while, no idea what happened, but give that link another try now, and please let me know if it works or not. Seems OK now to me, but obviously I’m already on the server, so I can’t be totally sure.

  3. Since there really isn’t another format for me to ask this question, I’ll ask it here.

    In real life, is it considered to be ok to hang out with a naked person who is underage? For example, a 16 year old who hates to wear clothes, so you give them the option to be nude under your roof.
    To clarify, there would be no touching, aside from the normal interactions that we all have, day to day.
    I guess my question has more to do with if it’s seen as perverted to other people. Cause I don’t see how it is, since I’d conduct myself in a respectful manner around the naked person, regardless of age.

    • First of all, fine place to ask the question. I intended this to be for discussing anything nudity related as well as the blog and its setting.

      I’m sure alot of people would have a problem with that, but like you, I don’t see why there’s necessarily anything wrong with it. Many naturist resorts, etc. are family friendly, so we’re not completely alone in that way of thinking.

      Excluding people who what regard this as unexceptionable in all cases, I’m sure a few factors would have to be considered, like exactly what your relationship is (family being ideal I suppose), how much older you are (some people would think it’s weird to hang out with a teenager at all if you’re much older), and whether the teen’s parents know about it.

      • That’s fair enough. One thing I’ll say, is that when they’re underage, they have no sex appeal to me. So when it’s someone who isn’t related to me, I view their nudity as cool, or bold.
        A while back, my roommate was seeing a girl who was 16. I didn’t think anything of it, cause her mom was cool with it. Then one day I walked into his room to find her completely naked.
        My first thought was, why is she naked? Come to find out, she loathes clothing. So my wife, roommate and I had a discussion and afterwards, we decided that if she wanted to be naked, then she had every right to do so in our home, so long as she was comfortable.
        After she got the news, she immediately told her mom, who in turn thought it was very open minded of us. Needless to say, she never wore clothes in our house again.

        • Needless to say, her boldness inspired me and soon after that discussion, I stopped wearing clothes in my house, as well. Partly out of solidarity and mostly cause she made some solid points on why clothes suck, that resonated with me.

    • It sounds like an idyllic way to spend an afternoon. A D&D game were one or two of the girls want to be nude fairies.

      Okay, here comes the but.

      16 year olds are under the age of concent. By law, if she or you change your mind about how the day’s going to go, you’re the one committing the crime. The court is blind to even considering that the conscent could be mutual. Now, if it’s just the two of your, I’d say run, don’t walk to the exit. If your at a nudist resort or a gathering of half a dozen or more people who can police themselves, maybe.

      You are taking a serious risk is things start one way, and then go sideways.

      Just saying.

      I know, I write a lot of sexy stories with nudity, but I keep everything over 18. I have a friend who spent time in the county jail for what started as just fun nudity but was remember an entirely different way a year later.

      • This actually does answer a good portion of my question.
        To be honest, I would never want to hang out with a naked 16 or 17 year old, without other people there. I know that I would never take it too far, but I’d want others around, to verify that nothing indecent ever happened.

        • Just to add one more item to the “things to consider” pile, 16 is the age of consent in quite a few states, and 17 in a few more. Even if nothing sexual is going on, knowing you’d be in the clear legally even it were is a good ace to have up your sleeve. So if you do live in one of those states, that would make the situation significantly less risky.

          • One kicker to those under 18 “age of consent” laws, is that they often come with the added specification of maximum age difference. That is typically no more than 16-18 months.
            Any way you look at it, under 18 is risky without significant safeguards such as multiple other reliable witnesses present in case of -claim- of inappropriate behavior.

            • Usually that would be described as a “close-in-age expectation” to a higher age of consent. The main exception that goes the other way is if there’s any kind of position of authority (e.g. teacher) then it goes back up to 18. But obviously anyone planning to rely on this should research the situation very carefully.

    • It’s not intrinsically wrong, but keep in mind about appearances. It’s unwise to be alone with them unless you’re their parent. And there are some very anti-nudity people who would be opposed to any variant of that in any circumstance, so it’s also not something I would make more public than it needs to.

  4. Disney would be a good measurement of the weather. If there are still a lot of people who still won’t pay money to see pussies or swinging dicks in the theater, you bet they’ll stay clad. As soon as mainstreet America shows it is willing to shell out the bucks, yep, you’ll see Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and a lot of other movies adding extra frames. That will happen to everything from Escape from Witch Mountain to 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, although that would require a remake with a half dozen starlets losing their clothes when the wooden warship sinks. It would be interseting to see if they went back and let us see Annette of the mousekateers naked. I bet a lot of boys that were ten years old then would pay good money to see that. Surely there are girls that would like to see some of those cute boys bare.

    So my take on this is, if the textiles are still pushing back, no change. Let the tide turn and be there money to be made and clothes will be dropping like cherry blossoms in a brisk breeze.

    There. Now the two of us are alone on this page.

    And sorry if I sound mercenary, but if you’ve spent anytime around the entertainment business, or tracked Disney, you know it’s the bucks that makes the film in the camera go round.

    • So you’re saying the idea of Permanude would need to be sold to China first to BREAK the movie industry, cause if the movies sell there and Hollywood seems to cater their movies to them right now, especially Disney. Then Disney would be making the big bucks with their Permanude movies, series and remakes, and cause a cultural shift in the entertainment industry :P

      Also, yay! I’m not the only one on the first page anymore :D haha

  5. I find the Disney showing some nude female representation in Permanude Disney Remakes funny 😂, I thought it would be only a matter of time before someone made a caption like this. Now for my deep dive question of the world. If Disney has introduced permanude representation in their live action movies? Have they done the same thing to their cartoon and live action series? 🤔 Hmmm

      • Yeah, I donno if I can do anything about that. I set it to newest comment first, and newest page first (oddly a separate setting), but ideally the first page would show a full 10 comments, and the last page would be the one with and odd number. Not sure if there’s a setting to change that though.

        • It’s strange, but not really an issue, it just looked like if I was on the last page and I was, “Oh no are people gonna see my comment?” but it is odd that the discussion comment page doesn’t seem to work the same way as the blog side of the site with the captions regarding the posts.

          • It does work the same actually, it’s just that few if any regular posts have more than 10 top-level comments, which is the threshold before it make another page.

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