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  1. This is kind of an odd, self serving comment but hear me out. I was thinking recently that I no longer have my Tumblr blog active and it’s a shame I can’t even see my own older submissions/posts easily. Then I remembered the “reblog” tag and that a lot of the stuff I posted before Tumblr’s stricter rules are there! So I can just take a trip down memory lane whenever I like it, since most of the “reblog” posts are mine. :) Just wanted to say thanks for inadvertently creating a tag that helps me find my own stuff really easily! It will of course not have anything since January, but still, it comes in handy! So thanks, NWO. :)

    • Hey, glad that tag proved to be of some use. BTW, don’t forget you can also check out your old blog via that tumbex service I talked about a while back.

      Also, to view submissions from a certain person on this blog, you can put their name in the search box just above the tag cloud. That shows up a list of titles, which you have to click to see the actual pictures though. That’s something I’d like to change, but I haven’t got around to figuring out how.

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