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[Audio] 7-Eleven has all the essentials.
[Video] Family buying bread, peanut butter and jelly.

[Audio] If you need it, chances are we have it.
[Video] Tired jogger picks a SoBe from the refrigerated shelves.

[Audio] Whatever you need, when you need it…
[Video] Young rocker who apparently has a headache buying Aspirin.

[Audio] …7-Eleven has you covered.
[Video] Cut to logo on white background, as if commercial was complete.

[Audio] Record scratch effect.
[Video] Cut to preppy teen in front of hotdog rack.

[Audio] Smart alec: What about clothes, you don’t sell clothes.
[Video] Pan to PN girl at the soda fountain.

[Audio] Well, maybe not “covered” exactly.
[Video] PN girl shrugs her shoulders, boobs jiggle.

[Audio] 7-Eleven, we’ve got the essentials.
[Video] Cut to logo on white background.

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