New Tag, and an idea

First a quick aside, I’ve been suffering from a cold for a few days, so if you noticed updates being a little sparse, that’d by why. I think I’m on the mend now though.

Alright, so the main thing I wanted to write about is that this submission gave me an idea. It talks about the state having just made permanent nudity legal, which I generally assume had already happened through out the US. But rather than quibble with that, I decided to just make a new tag: flashback. (As of this moment that’ll be the only post.) And that in turn gave me an idea, that time when the New Laws were first rolling out must have been  very exciting! I’ve done one or two captions like that before, but I really should do more with that (once I get over my cold anyway). And maybe you’d like to get in on this too?

Just think, in the “frontier days” of permanent nudity, it would have been much more controversial and shocking. Some people may not have heard of it at all until a naked person suddenly walks into their store or whatever and tries to convince them it’s legal. It could also be your excuse to break the rules a bit, since some of the details may not have been ironed out quite yet. If you you’d like to try your hand at this, please put *flashback* in the notes, or just mention it if you submit by email, to make sure I know  where you’re coming from.

To be clear, I still don’t want graphic sex or heavy BDSM type themes, but as far as “fine points of the law”, like exactly how registration works, when it can be imposed on someone involuntarily, and so forth, feel free to get creative. Another topic you might want to touch on is some of the reasons permanent nudity got legalized in the first place. But I would ask you not to attempt anything like a definitive origin story, I’d prefer to leave that somewhat mysterious.

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