Baby Sitter

I babysat these kids for a while and they always drove me nuts. One fine day, I’m suddenly forced to take my clothes off, just minutes before arriving to my babysitting job. Needless to say, that was one long walk up to their house.

They start going crazy, until one of them asks where my clothes are. I told them and they both got real quiet. Ever since that day, they’ve been the perfect angels. Soon everybody heard about it and I started getting calls from parents from my entire neighborhood. Single mothers, single fathers, married couples. Everyone’s eyes light up when they open the door to find me ready and willing to do my job. Every tips so well, that I now have no need for money at the moment.

Concerning my naked punishment, ma realized that I took a challenging situation and made the best of it. With what sounded like pride in her voice, she told me that I had no further need for clothing as long as I’m babysitting. It’s funny, actually. I’ve grown so accustomed to being naked now, that I can’t imagine wearing clothes anymore.

Photo and caption submitted by Ekjetter.

Home for the Holidays

Technically, I guess I knew what to expect, I’d heard my younger sister Kate had registered permanently naked three months earlier. But when we both came home for the holidays, I can’t say I was prepared for it mentally. Our parents weren’t exactly prepared for it either. They knew too, of course, but I got the impression they never really discussed it.

If you’ve never had family member decide to quit wearing clothes you might be wondering what there is to discuss. Well sleeping arrangements for one thing. That’s what what I found them talking about when the shuttle dropped me off. She had already arrived that morning, and evidently things hadn’t been going smoothly. After a quick break to welcome me home, and the most awkward hug of my life, I got to hear what the problem was.

When I went away to college, my room became a guest bedroom, and when Kate left, her room was turned into an office, or something, a computer room, basically. Anyway that meant one of us would have to sleep on the sofa bed. Everyone, including myself assumed that would be me. Girls need their privacy, right? Except as she was explaining to my parents, very logically, that being permanently naked she actually doesn’t have much use for privacy, and it was my room originally anyway, so I should have it. Mom and dad, however, were not keen on the idea of having a naked girl—their naked girl—sleeping in the middle of the living room, especially after she mentioned she doesn’t really care for blankets anymore.

This might seem like a silly thing to argue about, but what really struck me was how much she had changed. She had matured so much. Yes, physically, I looked, how can you not? But I hadn’t seen her naked in years, so that’s no surprise. But that’s not what I mean. I mean emotionally. Actually, that’s a good example, the last time I did see her naked it was because she’d been caught copying test answers in middle school. They took her clothes away, just for three days, but she was horribly embarrassed.

I remember when she came home, she had one arm across her chest and the other hand hiding her crotch and what little she came out of her room at all, she kept it up for the rest of the day. My parents actually started to worry she was hiding something… other than her body I mean. At breakfast the next morning, while Kate was trying to eat without moving her hands, Mom finally told her she wasn’t allowed to cover herself anymore. She was nearly in tears, but she did finally move her hands to reveal: No tattoos, no piercings, just little sister. Apparently to my mother’s surprise. It was for the best though. Once that was over with, she did get through the rest of her nude punishment with significantly less blushing.

Back to the present, I couldn’t imagine the new Kate—or Kathrine as I learned her friends call her now—blushing, ever. And more to the point, how she stood up for herself was impressive. The bedroom topic got a little heated until she finally shut it down by saying “Unless you’re going to kick me out and make me get a motel room, I’m sleeping on the couch, and that’s final. Jason (that’s me) can sleep where he wants, but his old room seems like the obvious choice.” And that’s what we did. I guess our parents finally realized it was a lost cause at that point.

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Public Speaking

I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for this class. Public Speaking, it just sounded kind of fun and I knew it was something I needed improvement on. Plus the teacher was supposed to be good. So hey, why not?

The class started out normal enough, usual introductory stuff the first session. He explained the format of the class, usually about half us would get a chance to speak each time, except we’d do longer presentations during the last few meetings. Like I said, it all sounded pretty normal. But I started hearing rumors that this teacher, though very good, was eccentric and some people couldn’t stand his classes… So I was really starting to wonder when we’d see any sign of his “unusual methods”.

Well, that started about half through the semester. See, apparently his big thing is making people overcome their weaknesses, and he’s real good at picking up on them too. Like there was this one girl who’d get embarrassed if she mispronounced anything. Just as she was about to do her speech he told her put a little rubber ball in the mouth. Or the guy who always dressed real nice, the teacher figured it was a crutch and made him take off his shoes and jacket and untuck his shirt. You get the idea. People who get flustered easily, he’d do things like take away their notes, really make them think on their feet. And so on.

Well me, he finally decided I’m just too shy. (And he’s right.) So before my speech, he took me aside and said “wear this, no bra”. When I looked at the little scrap of cloth he handed me at first I thought it was just skimpy. That’s about what I would have expected from what I’d seen so far. But it quickly became apparent that there was only one way to wear it: with my breasts fully exposed. It did cross my mind to quit on the spot, but I’d seen how this guy worked and saw it was helping the other students so I decided him a chance. It was extreme, but maybe he was right and this was just what I needed.

It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure, but I steeled myself and did it. I’m sure I was terrible, but I got through it and that’s what counts, right? Well kind of. Once I was finished, but before I could get dressed, he complemented me on my bravery, but he said I let it distract me too much and that I clearly wasn’t over my shyness yet. No kidding! So he told me to come to class like that every time we meet, for the rest of the course. Though he did say I can pick my own outfit… as long as my boobs are out. Gee thanks. I sure hope it gets easier.

Still Smoking

I know smoking is bad for me, but I’m addicted. I admit it. My boyfriend has been urging me to quit and I’m glad he loves me and is concerned for my health … but sometimes I just don’t want to hear it. So after a particularly stressful holiday family gathering, where he chided me in front of my mother and aunt… I was very annoyed. I told him that if he would quit nagging me about my smoking… that I would register as a PN.

He was stunned… and quiet for a whole minute. I like to imagine gears in his brain grinding to a halt, not knowing where to mesh or what direction to turn. As he started to come out of his intellectual coma, I preempted him, saying that I know my health is more important than his boner, but I was really tired of his pestering.

Then proceeded a rather strange negotiation. I promised to register for two years and not smoke any more than I currently did. He apologized for berating me in front of my family, promised never to do that again… and promised not to say a word about my smoking for as long as I remained nude. I registered the following week after giving my boss, co-workers, and close friends some warning.

It’s been almost a year, and our relationship is going really well. My boyfriend is honestly sticking to his part of the bargain. I actually think I smoke a bit less than before… but probably masturbate a bit more, which is not really a problem. Winter is the only tough time, having to carry around a long heavy coat which I can’t put on until just before going outside for my smoke break.

Submitted by tailwatcher.

Applying for a Job

I’ve been looking for a new job for a while, I’m a secretary at a dental supply company. It pays the bills, but I don’t feel like it will ever lead to anything better. You’d think with an associate degree in business logistics I could at least get an entry level position with some growth potential. But sometimes I think nobody can see past my looks. Not to be vain, but yeah, I’m pretty. It’s not like they’re making me work in the nude or anything, it’s just, I’ve got a brain here too you know? Well anyway, I was excited when I finally got a call back from a big IT company, Priarus. And the Junior Sales Analyst position sounds like just the kind of thing I’m looking for too. So it turns out the last analyst died or something and they wanted a replacement as soon as possible. They asked if I could interview that evening. As luck would have, I’d just got home from work. The manager was “sick” again and suggested we close up early. I wasn’t looking forward to going out in this unseasonably cold weather again, but when opportunity knocks you answer.

About half an hour later I pull into the Priarus parking lot. The snow has stopped but the wind is still biting. I wrap my jacket tight and head in. The lobby is impressive, modern but classy, lots of wood and glass. But what really struck me was the receptionist. She stood behind a wide glass counter, completely naked, not even shoes on. “Hi, you must be Rachael. I’m Gwen.”, she said in a polite but vaguely flirtatious tone, “Mr. Gevelinger is finishing up a teleconference. You can use lounge through there to get ready for him. It’ll be 15 minutes or so. Have fun!”

Now I’m already caught off guard by the weirdly chipper naked receptionist, but what I see in the lounge really throws me for a loop. Oh it’s nice enough, comfy chairs, single-serving coffee machine, even a selection of snacks, apparently free, but prominently positioned on the opposite wall are a set of lockers with a hand-printed sign over them: “Please leave your clothes here.” So what, I’m supposed to interview naked? This doesn’t bode well. But you have to understand this job is just what I’ve been looking for, even the starting pay is more than I make now and the long term prospects are clearly better. I’d heard these tech companies have some funny hiring practices, maybe they’re just trying to encourage applicants to open up—no I didn’t quite believe that myself, but I’d come this far so I resolved to go through with it. Following the receptionist’s example I disrobed completely and put my shoes and everything in first empty locker.

I was just about to make myself a cup of coffee to try and calm down when a tone, and then a voice came over the intercom, obviously an older male. “Rachael? Sorry about the wait, I’ll see you now. If you’re on the lounge, you can take the elevator right in there up to the 4th floor. My office is at the end of the hall.” I wasn’t sure how the intercom worked, so I didn’t try answer, I just did as he said and got in the elevator. Have you ever got in an elevator naked? It’s weird. It’s closed, private, but you have no idea what you’re going to see, and who will see you, when that door opens. Well, it was an empty hall in this case. Or maybe “deserted hall” captures the feeling better, I’m starting to realize almost everyone has gone home already. While I don’t want to be seen, it’s just spooky and doesn’t relax me one bit.

Well here goes. I make my way to the end of the hall. I couldn’t tell you how long it took. It’s a blur at this point. What am I doing? I do remember the large name plate on the door though, “Mr. Gevelinger, President East Division”. I knock, I’m invite in. And there he is. He looks distinguished but comfortable in what I assume is a rather expensive suit. And there I am, naked. But as he invites me to sit, something about his manner puts me at ease. He seems approachable, friendly even, and maybe… surprised? It’s my looks I suppose, I don’t usually get such a strong reaction, but then I’m not usually naked when I meet people.

“I didn’t see anything on your resume about permanent nudity. I like that, not using it to get ahead. I assure you we do believe you’re qualified for this position.” Alarm bells are ringing in the back of my mind. He should know I would be naked… is he implying I’ll have to register? I never agreed to that, aren’t they supposed to tell you up front? Maybe I missed it… But as these thoughts go through my head, he continues. “We do have a few other permanently naked employees, so that’s certainly not a problem. Oh, of course you’ve already met Gwen. She’s rather enthusiastic about it too. I suppose she showed you where you can store your cold weather gear. So with that out of the way, let’s get down to business.”

And that’s when my brain finally catches up with what the hell just happened. He’s still talking, but I can’t focus on what he’s saying anymore. Those lockers were for people who really are permanently naked! I was never supposed to undress. All the embarrassment I tried to suppress by telling myself this was normal snapped back. I’m sitting here like a deer in the headlights, naked in a strange man’s office. And the fact that he doesn’t yet realize this is a problem just makes it weirder. I have no idea what to do. Should I admit my mistake and get dressed? Just excuse myself and get out of here? Or would be less embarrassing to play along and finish my naked interview?

Photo submitted by Sisyphe72.

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